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Letters to Santa

It’s that time of year again, when kids can’t wait to mail their letters to Santa! To help parents out, the Cedar Springs Post has set up a special North Pole drop box. Every year dozens of kids use our special box for express delivery to the North Pole, and we make sure Santa reads each and every one! So, if you’d like to send a letter to Santa, and maybe get it printed in the newspaper, just drop off your letter in the bright red box labeled “Santa Mail” outside our office at 36 E. Maple Street, or mail your letter to: Letters to Santa, c/o the Cedar Springs Post, PO Box 370, Cedar Springs, MI 49319.


dear Santa

can I PleaSe

have Pokemon balls

and Pokemon, a

Iron Man case for

my Phone, and

AA batterys

Love – Jolly Lucas




Dear Santa i want a

• Monster truck

• Legos

• psL/-playstation four

• playstation 3 games

Love Jackson





Dear Santa,

My Name is

Christain :). Im a

good boy.

1. Pomekmon Stuff.

2. My little Pony – figures

and house.

3. Match box cars.

4. Race Track

Thank you Santa,


Christain Austin






Dear Santa I know what

I want for Chirstmas.

Monster high Dolls / Legos /

notebook / books / stufed owl /

stufed kitten / stufed fox /

cat toy / 3 D.S. cup


Natalie rose Stevenson



































LTS-BrooklynArcher-pictureDear Santa,

Hi, how are you?

ope you are fine. Well

This is Brookyn Archer

again. I hope you remember

me. My mom is writting this

for me because I cant write

very well yet because I’m

only 4 years old but you

know this already. I would

like you to try and bring

me a baby alive doll

but the new one that poops out

food. And paw patrol stuff and

pop the pig game and that

pie face game mommy said

a lot of kids want that game.

I want a barbie doll house

for my barbies. And maybe

some stuff for my brother

River to  he likes video

games and football he also

likes Under Aroumer And

call of duty legos. Thank you.

I love you Santa

Love Brooklyn Archer

from Cedar Springs.



Dear Santa,

Santa all I want

for Christmas is under armour stuff. And a Millitary football

and also an Xbox1. But

Santa know what I really

want, is to be with my

family and friends. I want

to watch all my little cousins

Christmas wishes come true

So Santa if you cant

get me the things I want

can you at least bring my

cousins what they want.

And also my little

sister Brooklyn Archer every thing she wants.

Thank you.


River Oligney age 12

from Cedar Springs.

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