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All Saints Day

Pastor Darryl Miller

Sand Lake UMC, 

65 W. Maple, Sand Lake

South Ensley UMC, 

13600 Cypress, Ensley Township


On November 1 we celebrate All Saints Day. This is a wonderful time of remembrance. Typically we remember the saints that we have lost in the past year. But those of you who know me know that I don’t always follow tradition. I think it is good to remember all those who have gone before us, especially those who have helped us in our spiritual journey. Each of us can name at least one and probably many more that have been an influence on our faith walks. Some we knew personally, some we only listened to or read. But these people helped us to grow closer to God and that is worth celebrating.

In the 11th chapter of Hebrews, we find what many call the “Hall of Faith.” This is where Paul reminds us of the “heroes” of our past. He explains how Moses, Noah, and many others have been examples for us to follow. We should keep in mind that these examples are people just like you and I. They were flawed, not perfect. Too often we turn away from people who are trying their best to be true followers of God just because they are not perfect. Well, neither am I—nor is anyone for that matter.

God uses the flawed and fallen as mightily as those closest to him to show his grace. This means that he can use any of us to be a positive influence on those around us. We may feel that there are much better people than us around that should be doing this particular work—more educated, more fluent, more whatever. But God loves to use those who are willing no matter what their feelings about their own abilities. With God, you are a great example. And He can and will use you to show others what faith looks like. The bible talks of standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. To our children and our grandchildren, that means us!

Someday on All Saints Day, wouldn’t it be great to be one of those who are remembered as a good and faithful influence on another’s faith?  If we are willing to serve God in all circumstances, we will be.

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