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Something stinks


By Judy Reed

Drivers along 17 Mile and White Creek were in for a rude awakening Monday when they drove through the area and smelled what some have said was the most horrible odor they had ever smelled. And no wonder—they had just driven through the stench of treated human waste.

Casey Armstrong, of Sand Lake, had just pulled up to the intersection at 17 Mile and White Creek Monday afternoon, when he said he noticed a semi with a tanker spewing liquid manure all along the lane closest to Big Boy Restaurant.

“I saw the driver jump back into the semi while it was still spewing, and he proceeded to cross along the eastbound lanes to get to the center turn lane,” noted Armstrong. “While the light was red, he turned northbound onto white creek. Everyone who passed through the intersection ended up having to drive through the manure.”

Armstrong called police, and followed the trailer of manure that sprayed on the side of the road until he turned onto Egner. “That’s when I saw him pull into a field with waiting tractors, and he proceeded to drive through the field and finish emptying the container. At that time, a Cedar Springs fire and rescue pick up truck had pulled up to the scene was talking to the farmers,” said Armstrong.

According to Solon Fire Lt. Chris Paige, the truck, which came from Wyoming with a load of treated human waste, had a problem at the 131 exit ramp. “I think he might’ve blown a tire and broke a fitting on the truck,” said Paige. “He lost the tire at the top of the ramp.” He also said someone came and picked it up.

Paige said he stayed on scene there and cleaned up the area with Cedar Springs. He met with boh the MSP and DEQ there. “The DEQ said it was non-hazardous. I knew it was ok to wash it down,” he said.

And for those who still have that odor in their car, even after a car wash? Paige said powdered lime will take the odor out.

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