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City and Red Flannel Festival work on agreement


N-red-flannel-logoBy Judy Reed

Will Cedar Springs be known once again as the Red Flannel Town? If an agreement between the City and the Red Flannel Festival is approved, the City could once again use that nickname at no charge.

A City committee made up of Mayor Pro Tem Pam Conley, and Councilors Dan Clark and Molly Nixon, met with Red Flannel President Michele Tracy and her committee, to work out an agreement. The RFF lawyer then drew up the agreements that the City Council will discuss Thursday evening, May 14, for the first time.

Under the agreement, the City would trade in-kind services in order to license the various logos owned by the Festival. They would not bill the Festival for any services.

“That type of agreement—the trading of in-kind services—seemed to be the most popular way of handling this, according to the West Michigan Municipal League,” commented Clark.

Tracy is pleased with the progress they are making. “The Red Flannel Board is thrilled to have open, honest, sincere dialogue with the City Ad Hoc Committee,” she said. “Our first meeting went smoothly.”

Since the City no longer has their own police department, the Festival would need to contract for their own security, and, according to Michele Andres, they have met with Sgt. Jason Kelley, of the Kent County Sheriff Department’s Cedar Springs unit, and are waiting for an estimate.

The City will discuss the agreement tonight, Thursday, May 14.

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2 Responses to “City and Red Flannel Festival work on agreement”

  1. Jeremy says:

    We get to use their “logo” for services rendered in-kind? Screw the RFF. Without Cedar Springs, there is NO Red Flannel Festival, period. I don’t want any of the towns revenue going to an organization (an organization that is entirely dependent on Cedar Springs in the first place) that forcibly, er “accepts” money as ransom for the town’s use of a stupid logo to attract tourists. Why not just have a “Cedar Springs” or “Redhawks” “Town” Festival? This branding BS is ridiculous. Throw them to the curb – who really needs these kind of leaches in this town to “add value” or “recognition” to any event? It could be the “ACME Widget Festival” for all I care. I would still go to patronize the town with my family. However, considering the current state of affairs, I don’t think I will be attending any events or visiting any stores in the area UNTIL the Red Flannel Festival gets the hell out of here. They can go peddle their “Red Flannel” brand elsewhere – if they even can.


  1. […] There are many other things on the agenda to be discussed, including hearing a Freedom of Information Act appeal; approving a contract for Christmas decorations with a supplier; a new FOIA policy for the city; and a  dispatch agreement with Kent County.  There will also be discussion on requests from the Community Building Development team regarding a trade of properties; a use agreement for the proposed amphitheatre; a use agreement for rain gardens, sculpture, and wetland delineation on city property; and use agreement on a proposed boardwalk on city property. There will also be discussion on a possible agreement with the Red Flannel Festival over licensing and in kind services. (click here for story) […]



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