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Easter Riddles


Q: What do you call rabbits that marched in a long sweltering Easter parade?

A: Hot, cross bunnies.


Q: What do you call a duck that just doesn’t fit in?

A: Mallardjusted.


Q: What do you call a duck who plays basketball?

A: A slam duck.


Q: Why was the rabbit rubbing his head?

A: Because he had an eggache! (headache)


Q: How do bunnies stay healthy?

A: Eggercise


Q: What does a rooster say to a hen he likes?

A: Your one hot chick!


Q: What do you call ten rabbits marching backwards?

A: A receding hareline.


Q: What do ducks have for lunch?

A: Soup and quackers!


Q: What do you call a bunny with a large brain?

A: An egghead.


Q: Why are people always tired in April?

A: Because they just finished a march.


Q: Why did the magician have to cancel his show?

A: He’d just washed his hare and couldn’t do a thing with it.

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