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Post goes Shopper?


The Cedar Springs Post going shopper? According to sources in the media industry, The River Valley Shopper has made a substantial offer to buy The Cedar Springs Post, making it yet, another shopper. The new shopper will be tagged the Red Flannel Shopper and will cover all of Cedar Springs and Rockford as well.

Without the cost of reporting news, and the space used previously for news stories, all pages can be dedicated to advertising at a cut rate, just like the River Valley Shopper, which has gained popularity with area advertisers.

Post owner Lois Allen says the small independent newspaper has struggled for over the past two decades to find enough local businesses to keep it solvent. “We’re not non-profit, just no profit,” she joked. Shoppers are the new means for print advertising at a reduced rate and are squeezing out the weekly newspapers that cannot undercut their prices and distribution,” she explained.

“It will be a huge burden off of me. I’ve always wanted to retire and practice my love of professional kite flying,” said Allen.

Allen says the shopper approached her and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. She could not disclose the exact amount but explained, “I can relax and never have to worry about going broke or missing a deadline again,” said Allen who is responsible for almost missing over one thousand deadlines since 1988. “With the money they offered me, I can take a cruise around the world, twice!”

But she won’t be taking the Post with her! The new shopper will begin it’s first edition on April 1, 2015.

April Fool’s

Imagine Cedar Springs WITHOUT the Cedar Springs Post! The above story could very well be true. However, it isn’t. The River Valley folks have previously inquired as to the sale of The Post, but no serious offer has ever been discussed. “I believe in keeping a real newspaper here. ‘Cause everyone loves it!” says Allen. The Post could go anywhere and people would read it. You can drop The Post in Macon, Georgia and they’d read it! You can’t find this kind of news on CNN.

She continued, “People need to pay attention to the businesses who keep the newspaper going. Those who make the choice to spend some of their advertising budget in their (customers’) local newspaper. Cause if they don’t use it, we’ll lose it.”

Nobody waits for the shopper to come out! No one wants more junk mail! Billboards do not build community pride. Commercials never seem to end. So, what’s the best way to get your attention? News.

You can read the paper without booting it up. Amazing! No download needed! Don’t worry about a password. Just forget about it. Not to mention, your identity, is completely protected. Nobody knows your reading this. No extra charge or additional software needed. No upgrades required. Read it in the bathroom if you want. I assure you there’s no web cam here. And I am positive that no one has ever been “hacked” while holding a newspaper. They are hack proof and completely safe to read. You can feel confident to let your kids browse it. No chance of porn popping up!

The Cedar Springs Post is not the only choice to advertise, but is the best choice if you do business here.

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And that’s no joke!

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