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Where’s the transparency?

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At the December 2014 council meeting, newly elected members Molly Nixon, Rose Powell, and Pam Conley, along with Bob Truesdale, Dan Clark and Mayor Jerry Hall had the opportunity to follow through with an investigation called for by the former council.

The decision to conduct an investigation resulted from a complaint alleging a violation of the Open Meetings Act, when council went into closed session to discipline Councilor Bob Truesdale. The investigation could prove whether there was an actual violation or whether the actions of that council were justified, thereby exonerating, or calling to account, those actions which would help future councils avoid pitfalls in this area. The present council said NO! Only Perry Hopkins was willing to discuss and vote on the action but he had no support from the rest of council and his motion died for lack of support.

All discussion of this agenda item was done for the most part out of the public eye. Unless one attended the workshop in the tiny kitchen area of City Hall you would have no idea that the decision was essentially made there. The proof? It’s in the fact that no discussion took place in public at the council meeting. Why did Molly Nixon make a motion to not investigate and then, after a hushed word or two from Mayor Hall, withdraw her motion? Why were they afraid to discuss the issue in public? What are they afraid an investigation will show? Why wouldn’t those council members want to get to the truth? Is this the transparency they proclaimed so loudly they would support?

Don’t they want the ousted candidates to have the opportunity to be exonerated and their reputations restored for all to see?

I believe Fankhauser, Troost and Bremmer do deserve the opportunity to have their actions vindicated as publicly as they were accused and only by following through with the investigation will that happen. Again, it will cost taxpayers nothing to have this done.

I am calling on this council to follow through with the investigation. Let’s let the Prosecutor decide this issue and not let the present council shove it under the rug. If you truly want transparency and fairness in Cedar Springs, call and let the City and the Mayor know you support this effort at 616-696-1330.

An informed voter,

Kathryn A. Bremmer 


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