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Message to woman who hit mailbox

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Dear Editor,


On the morning of October 7th, a lady in a silver Buick hit my mailbox. While it’s inconvenient that I now have to put up a new one, I really just want her to be careful. My mailbox is a full car width from the travel lane on Fifth Street. So whatever it was that she was doing caused her to cross the equivalent of another lane, and she was going fast enough to snap the 4×4 off below ground level.

Whoever you are, please be careful. Had it been earlier in the day, my four-year-old would have been out there. You and you alone are responsible for controlling that 3,500 pound piece of metal. If you were sending or receiving something on your phone, shame on you. You could have killed someone. If you were distracted by something else in the car, pull over. The lane you had to cross to hit the mailbox was big enough. I am not interested in pressing charges, but remember that the difference between an “oops” and a felony is telling someone that you made a mistake.

Hope you are all right.


Molly Nixon, Cedar Springs


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2 Responses to “Message to woman who hit mailbox”

  1. mewith says:

    You let a four year old play that close to the road.

  2. Charlie Towns says:

    mewith, Please arm yourself with knowledge of the property Ms Nixon is on before you make such an ignorant statement. Ms Nixon’s property has a large section taken out from the center of road for the trucks to turn around at the warehouse across the street from her (old Kieler brass building on corner of 5th and beach). The mail is maybe 15 feet from the front door. So before you try and take cheap shots you should know what you are talking about!




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