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CS girl arrested for part in rave

Brittany Johnson

Brittany Johnson

A 2012 Cedar Springs graduate is one of three people being charged for their part in Project P, the party in Mecosta County that drew 2,000 people from across the state earlier this month and resulted in several overdoses, charges for drunken driving and a possible rape.

Brittany Johnson, 20, of Cedar Springs, Daniel Misner, 21, of Howard City, and James Taylor, 21, of Hinton Township, are each accused of maintaining, operating or furnishing a location and collecting fees for parking at the party where alcohol was being served without a liquor license.

The party was reportedly held on property owned by Taylor, in rural Hinton Township, in Mecosta County. When alerted to the party, police formed a perimeter around it, but did not break it up, for fear of possible rioting, drunk driving, and kids wandering away and getting lost, according to statements made by the Mecosta County Sheriff to news media.

The Post spoke with another Cedar Springs grad, who also attended the party. He said he only went because some of his friends needed a designated driver. “We got there about 9:00, and there probably wasn’t 2,000 people there yet, but it was really packed,” he said.

He confirmed that they did have to pay for parking. He also said that there were some pretty crazy things going on. He noted that his friend’s girlfriend was one of the people that needed to be taken to the hospital. “Someone gave her something,” he explained. “And the ambulance couldn’t come in to the party because of the police, so we had to take her down to it.” He said he and his friends left the party about 2 a.m. to go pick up his friend at the hospital. He said they would have left before that, if the police perimeter hadn’t been set up.

The charge for the three young people is a one-year felony offense with a maximum fine of $1,000. Police are on the alert for other possible raves, after several copycat ones have sprung up.

Another Cedar Springs grad said he was invited to one that was to be closer to our area. He was also invited to the one in Mecosta County, but didn’t attend. “Big parties just aren’t really my thing,” he said.


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