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White-tailed squirrels

N-White-tailed-squirrel-Adam-Stout-webLast week, we ran a photo of a white-tailed squirrel on a telephone pole, and asked if other readers had ever seen one. Ranger Steve Mueller said it was probably a genetic mutation.

We received a couple of different letters and photos about it from readers this week. One came from Adam Stout. He said he told his father in 1996 that he had seen a black squirrel with a white face, feet, and tail behind the family farm off 19 Mile and Snauble Avenue, in Solon Township. He said his father didn’t believe him, until he told him he was going to go out and back and hunt it. “If you get it, we will get it mounted,” his father told him. And he did.

N-White-tailed-squirrel-Smith-webAnd in case you had any doubt that The Post really does go worldwide through its online presence, the second photo came from a reader in Hudson, Massachusetts. Sandi Smith said that she and her friend Paula saw two white-tailed squirrels last week. “Since we saw a fully albino one about a month ago, we believe they are related,” she said. “I grabbed my phone to catch a shot as they scurried by.” We asked Sandi if she used to live in Cedar Springs, and she said she has no idea where Cedar Springs is located, that she just moved to Massachusetts from Illinois. But she was searching on the Internet and The Post came up, so she sent the photo our way. Thanks so much Sandi! We hope you enjoyed The Post!

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