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Let the people elect our mayor

My condolences to the family of our beloved council person and mayor, Ron Merlington, who had a great big heart for the people of Cedar Springs.

Soon, seven council members will be deciding who your mayor will be for 2015. This means, that only 4 council persons will make that very critical decision. The Michigan Municipal League tells me that our city attorney, at very little cost, could help us rewrite the city charter, so that you, the caring people of our city, would vote to elect the mayor of your choice, every 4 years at the same time we elect our state governor. To me that sounds like a better plan. If you concur, talk to your council persons. My only interest is building a community that is beyond reproach.

Next week see my apology to those who were offended by my personal e-mail to council member Patricia Troost.


Bob Truesdale, 

Cedar Springs

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One Response to “Let the people elect our mayor”

  1. Sydney says:

    Our City is ran by the City Manager, not the Mayor. The City can’t afford to pay for the City Manager and the Mayor and will be too confusing. Grand Rapids is ran by the Manager, but people think it is ran by the Mayor, because they vote for it, they don’t know who actually runs their City. Mayor is in name only and only runs the meetings and it is the way it needs to keep going. every Council Member has the same voting power! Just because you are upset that you are not mayor does not mean that it should be changed, it has been 6 months, get over it. Mayor Fankhauser is doing a great job from what I can see and it seems he actually reads the packet he receives and runs a professional meeting, that you were unable to do. From the last meeting it was brought to everyone’s attention that you (Bob) don’t even read the Council packet or know how to open it, so with that it seems Council knew what they were doing when they voted Mayor Fankhauser in as Mayor. Let it go and can you please work on our City going forward and stop rehashing old subjects that everyone else has moved on from?




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