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Court reverses decision on recall

by Judy ReedCedar-Springs-new-logo

A Grand Rapids judge has overturned a January decision by the Kent County Elections Commission approving recall petitions for two Cedar Springs city council members.

The Commission voted last month that the petitions submitted by Cedar Springs resident Mark Laws against Ashley Bremmer and Patricia Troost were of sufficient clarity for voters to know what they were voting on and why. Circuit court judge Mark Trusock reversed that decision Friday, February 21.

Laws filed new petition language at the end of the hearing, and a clarity hearing will be held on March 7, at 8 a.m., in the Training Room located on the 2nd floor of the Kent County Administration Building, 300 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

According to Cedar Springs City Clerk Linda Branyan, the new language reads:

1) On July 11, 2013 Ashley Bremmer/Patrica Troost voted to go into a closed session, to hear complaints against council member Truesdale.  The Open Meetings Act 267, 15.268, 8a allows for a closed session if it is requested by the person to be disciplined or reprimanded.  Council member Truesdale made no such request.

2.  On November 14, 2013 Ashley Bremmer voted to change the city logo and tagline.  For many years it has been procedure of the council to not take action on an item not previously on agenda for public input and comment.  This change in the logo and tagline was not presented to the public for input or comment before the change was made.

This will be the third time Laws has filed the petitions. The first time, the Kent County Elections Commission ruled against the language.

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4 Responses to “Court reverses decision on recall”

  1. Chris Allan says:

    I wonder how many times Mark Laws is going to be the puppet for Bob Truesdale, and how many times is he going to try to recall the same people. I think this is a personal issues to Mark and why does he care about it, Since this has nothing to do with him. So I ask a question, Is he trying to get these two woman off the board so he can try to get on the board? I am thinking that he is just mad because no one trusted him before and thats why he was no voted to the seat. I am so glad the judge overturned KCEC and said it was not clear. This all seems to me to be harassment not only from Mark Laws, but from the puppet master himself.

  2. Scott says:

    When is Mr. Laws going to realize that he is wrong and is the joke? I am so thankful he was not elected in the last November Election. Just worry about paying your property taxes Mr. Laws and stop trying to get in a seat that you were not voted into and the residents don’t want you in. Can we just get back to reviving our City and supporting our Chamber in their upcoming events? Founders Day is right around the corner! Lets focus on that!

  3. Darren says:

    Well, this is another example of someone giving Cedar Springs a black eye over goofy nonsense.

    I am curious if there is something to what Chris Allen says?

    Cedar Springs has a long and sad history of goof troop politics.

    In the end rational people are not going to sign the petition and no one is going to be removed from office.

    Folks need to find some other way to use their time.




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