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West Michigan getting hit with two scams


The 473/767 One-Ring scam and the Fix Your Computer scam.

473/767 Scam

The 473 number out of Grenada and the 767 number out of Dominica, both in the Caribbean, calls your phone, but it only rings once.

The scammers hope when you see the missed call that you call the number back and that’s when you get hit with the charges. While the phone numbers appear to be in the United States, the number dialed is actually an international number with a share of the revenue going to the operator of the number. Consumers are tricked into dialing these international phone numbers, which results in substantial long-distance charges.  Because the same laws do not apply to international calls, it makes these areas ideal for scammers who wish to target U.S. citizens.

BBB’s advice: “Don’t call back a number you do not know if they don’t leave a message that makes sense to you.  If a caller uses the 473, 767, or any other area code you do not recognize, do not call it back.  Instead contact the operator to verify where the caller’s area code originates from.”

Fix Your Computer Scam

A caller asks for the computer user in your home.  When the conversation begins, the caller says that they have information indicating that your computer is not working correctly. They ask if you have been experiencing problems with slow speed or other issues. If you get into this conversation, they will guide you to allow them to take control of your computer via the Internet so they can fix the problem. If you allow it, they may install malware on your computer. Malware might permit hackers to learn passwords, steal your computer identity, access personal and financial accounts, and more.

The most recent “company” calling West Michigan consumers is “PC Speedy”, however these types of companies change names frequently.  Remember, it is the premise of the call not just the company name that you want to be wary of.

BBB’s advice: “Never give control of your computer to a stranger on the internet or over the phone.”

BBB is getting calls from numerous callers about both scams in recent days, and requests that you exercise caution to avoid them.



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