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Petition language not accepted for recall

by Judy Reed

The petition language to recall two Cedar Springs City Council members was denied by the Kent County Elections Commission Tuesday morning, December 31, at a clarity hearing.

City resident Mark Laws filed the petition to recall Patricia Troost and Ashley Bremmer.

According to Elections Director Susan deStiguer, a change in the law in 2012 requires that not only is the recall language clear and understandable, it must be factual as well. Prior to 2012, it only had to be clear.

deStiguer said that two out of the three on the commission thought the language was clear, but none of the three felt it contained any facts. “It was not specific enough, and they voted unanimously to deny it,” explained deStiguer.

The petition language gave two reasons for the recall:

1) Violated public trust by not following policy, procedure and protocol for the open meetings act—Act 267 of 1976, effective March 31, 1977.

2) Violated public trust by stating the process procedure to be followed for considering possible new city logo and then disregarded the process without notice.

Laws said that he would resubmit it again next week with clearer language.

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5 Responses to “Petition language not accepted for recall”

  1. Scott Roberts says:

    At least there are smart people on the elections commission.

    Mark should spend more of his free time with Mr Truesdale cleaning up property on White Creek with Dan Ckark. The 3 of them seem to be very chummy.

    Is this the definition of “entrepreneur” as he stated his career was during the election?
    Puppet for Bob Truesdale and Michelle Andres is a much more fitting occupation. I wonder what that pays per year. Promises for a seat on the City Council? Makes you wonder,

    I think we can see who to trust in this town and it’s non of these guys.

  2. Chris Allan says:

    Wow way to go Kent County Election Commission, I am so glad that you all could see through the lies that Mr. Mark Laws came up with to even file. I agree with Scott Roberts, Mark, Mr. Truesdale, and Mr. Dan Clark are spending way to much time together, I am sure that there has to be some law against this that says these elected officials can’t spend this much time together. I would really like to know what Mr. Laws entrepreneurship is? I also think that he is a big puppet for Mr. Truesdale and Mrs. Andre’s , Well, all I can say is thank God he didn’t get elected to city council. I still say pack your bags and move out of town

  3. CS resident says:

    You two need to start dating…two negatives…made for each other….

  4. Janice Booy says:

    Chris Allen, kent county election commission said nothing about there being any lies; only that it was not specific enough.

  5. Chris Allan says:

    Janice Booy you might want to read it again, here is what they said “a change in the law in 2012 requires that not only is the recall language clear and understandable, it must be factual as well. Prior to 2012, it only had to be clear.” but then again I am sure you missed this line when you read the article. Now I could be wrong but when something says that it has to be FACTUAL, then it must be a fact, or other words means it can be proven, Just saying




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