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Flooding in Cedar Springs

Main Street between Oak and Pine is under water from Cedar Creek. Post photo by J. Reed.

Main Street between Oak and Pine is under water from Cedar Creek. Post photo by J. Reed.

Cedar Creek has jumped its banks and there’s flooding in the City of Cedar Springs this morning. According to DPW Director Tom Stressman, they closed Main St. between Oak and Pine about 7 a.m. Water is flowing across the intersection at Main and Pine as well, and still rising. Fifth Street between Pine and Cherry is also closed.

Tom said  said some people have told him that 1987 was the last time this happened. Does anyone out there remember?


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6 Responses to “Flooding in Cedar Springs”

  1. Colleen Shaw Dines says:

    I remember in 1987, my parents who lived on 2nd street, between ash and elm, had 9 inches of water in the basement

  2. 1986 was the year we got the big rains and flooding. Was the year after i graduated. I remember the house that sits next to the Rogue river on the west side of the expressway was under water to the second floor!
    Let’s hope this stops before it gets that bad.

  3. Rob K. says:

    Yep, when the park by the trailer park was flooded and looked like a lake.

  4. kelli says:

    My mother remembers it being either 1985 or 1986 but my dad was a fireman and we have pics of the last flooding and it was way worse then this.

  5. Doug Durst says:

    We lived on Third Street across from the football field in 1987 when the flood came. I remember watching as 4 cord of my wood floated across 17 Mile. I also remember our neighbor, George Waite coming over in a canoe to check on us!

  6. Charlie Towns says:

    From what I have read, and heard from multiple sources it seems the flood of ’86 was worse in Cedar than the flood of ’13. Channel 13 did a story I watched online where they speak to someone who has their house flooded(he lives in grand rapids). The person claims that in 1986 the flood waters did not come so high (he lived there for both floods). Does anyone have any hard data on which flood is worse in terms of inches of rain?




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