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It’s Time

Ronnie McBrayer

By Ronnie McBrayer

Imagine that tomorrow morning I deposit into your bank account $86,400. This money is all yours to do with as you please. Now, not only am I going to deposit this amount into your account tomorrow, I’m going to do the same thing every day next week. But I’m not finished. I’m going to make this daily deposit into your account every day for the next year. At the conclusion of twelve months you will have received more than $31.5 million.

Now, what if I told you that you have in your possession, today, something even more valuable than $31 million? You see, every day that you awake to draw air into your lungs, you receive that deposit of sorts, though it’s not measured in dollars. It’s measured in seconds.

Every day contains 86,400 seconds; every week more than 600,000; and every year more than 31 million. They are yours to spend as you please. The only catch is this: When each day is over, and after each week passes, and when the calendar turns, your “funds” expire. They have to be spent with urgency, for tomorrow your account will reset.

We seemed to have just celebrated New Year’s Day 2012. Now that year is gone. And before we can catch our breath from the race that was, we lurch forward into another January. The real danger for us all is to come around twelve months from now and be exactly where we were twelve months ago, funds unspent.

Still stuck in a job we loathe, still planning to take that big chance, still at odds with the long-estranged loved one, still tripping over the same addiction, trapped in that same poisonous relationship, and struck in the same soul-sucking routine. Time is far too short to live like this, and deep in our hearts, we know it.

Erma Bombeck provides a summary on this point: “When I am asked to give an accounting of my life to a higher court, it will be like this: ‘So, empty your pockets. What have you got left of your life? Any dreams unfulfilled? Any unused talent that we gave you that you still have left? Any unsaid compliments or bits of love that you haven’t spread around?’ And, I will answer, ‘I have nothing left to return. I spent everything you gave me. I’m as naked as the day I was born.’” Amen.

Ronnie McBrayer is a syndicated columnist, speaker, and author of multiple books. You can read more and receive regular e-columns in your inbox at www.ronniemcbrayer.me.

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