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Letters to Santa

-HOL-Santa-letterDear Santa,

My name is Ayden Isaacson and I am 7 month old, So this is my first Christmas. I would really like a kids quad, any learning toys, and new Sippy Cups with handles. Thank you Santa.




Dear Santa,

I would like a dog, and cat blanket, I want a dog, cat and zebra stuffed animal, some make-up and a real flower that that I can water and take care of.

Some nail polish in all different colors, and a puppy on a kitty chain

that’s my size, and a picture of you, a stuffed animal pluto. A zebra and dog and cat zo-zo pet. A heart bed for my Kitty tiger and a square bed for my dog little-bit

Emily McCauley



Dear Santa,

My name is Eligah I want a spiderman helment, x-box 360, car track and a flying airplane with a controller, new blanket and teddybear . thank you

Eligah Malone


Dear Santa

Lorax movie princess

and the Pauper

and I want a castle with a flag on top

with princess with it.

 Love Taylor

Age 6


To Santa form Madison McCauley age 7

a big big big card board box

a princess house-big with a princess

a bed

a zebra and cheata dress mix

a lapdorad

a rianbow wand

mack up


a cat dress-fore tigger

a new mermade

a rain bow dress for me

a bow with the pont at the top

a camrah

a littedoll

a strebar short cack doll

a roodoff the red nose raindeer

a dollhouse

a cathouse

a dog house

a ninga soute

flowers that never die

300 christmas cards

a mouse fore tigger-and string

a necklish

dog treats

26 dream lights


a kun fow pandd dall

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