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Public officials’ comments always on record


While I respect Ms. Fahl for taking a thankless job on the city council, I do not sympathize with her that comments she was not expecting to be on the record, and was put on the record in a way she did not like. She vents this without considering she is in a public office. Everything she ever says about the city is on the record.

Mitt Romney was secretly videotaped at a fundraiser. He was in someone’s private home just like Ms. Fahl was. He was operating in a public capacity just as Ms. Fahl was. The video was edited to make a point just like Molly Nixon did.

Both Mitt Romney and Ms. Fahl came out afterwards to correct what they felt was a manipulation of the total context of the message and what they stand for. The difference between them is that Romney came out and told his side to state his side of it and that was it. Ms. Fahl did come out to state her side then slammed Molly.

As far as Ms Fahl’s personal feelings, they do not matter when she is speaking for the City. Going on the record on community issues is the job she signed up for.

Ms Fahl stated: “It is unsettling to me how someone can take bits and pieces of a conversation and twist them to darken another’s creditability. I have learned a very valuable lesson dealing with Mrs. Nixon in a one-on-one situation, while trying to address her questions and concerns.” I would say to her the above statement is directed as darkening Molly’s credibility (so who is name calling now?).

Molly is causing those in the community to look at the issue and form an opinion one way or the other. I do not know if all her facts are straight or not, but she has gotten people involved and considering an issue they otherwise may not have. For as long as I can remember, the main problem in Cedar has been zero civic participation. So I would assert her doing this is a healthy process.

Charles Towns

Hephzibah, GA

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