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Language to recall Mayor rejected

Petition language to recall Cedar Springs Mayor Charlie Watson was rejected this morning by the Kent County Election Commission.

According to Kent County Elections Director Susan deSteiguer, the Commission felt there were two concerns with the language. One, the language stated that it was to recall Mayor/Councilperson Charlie Watson. It came out in the hearing that citizens can not recall the Mayor, because citizens don’t elect the Mayor—the City Council does. Watson’s term as Mayor ends in November, and his term on the council ends in November 2013.

Sue deStiguer said the second reason it was rejected was that they felt the language was insufficient to allow the Mayor to justify his conduct to his constituents. (A spot would be given to him on the ballot for him to do that.) The language read “fiscal mismanagement regarding Red Flannel logos, resulting in a larger expense to the taxpayers.” She said that one of the comments made was that it wasn’t clear whether he didn’t buy enough logos or what the problem was.

deStiguer said that new language was filed immediately after the hearing by the petitioner, Cedar Springs resident Molly Nixon, and that a new clarity hearing was set for Wednesday, October 10, at 8:45 a.m. in the second floor training room of the Kent County Administration building. The new language reads “Failure to reach an agreement with the Red Flannel Festival regarding the city’s use of their logos. Rejecting an offer to keep using the logos for $4,000 per year of in-kind services. Causing the city’s legal bill alone for this matter to top $6,000, which is more than if we had just kept using the logos.”

The Kent County Elections Commission is made up of the Chief Probate Judge, the Kent County Clerk, and the Kent County Treasurer.

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4 Responses to “Language to recall Mayor rejected”

  1. At the risk of being redundant: Just let it go!

  2. William Wheeler says:

    He’s already said he isn’t going to run….drop it already. Another election would also cost money.

  3. Eli Amishuga says:

    WHAT A THANKLESS JOB. Thank you Charlie

  4. William Wheeler says:

    Hey Molly, what’s going to happen in year #2 when the city has to give up another $4000? Oh yea…you didn’t think of that. Every year the city pays $4000.00 not a one time charge. It’s in your own recall language. The $6000.00 on the other hand is done and over with.
    Molly needs to stop costing us more money getting this on the ballot when he isn’t going to seek reelection anyway.




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