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To the Editor – RFF and City

The City needs to keep the logo. It was the logo well before there was a RFF committee. The RFF has a new logo/theme every year, that is theirs. But the red flannels hanging from the light posts belong to the City. The City is known far and wide for the red flannels, not lumberjacks or the Kent Theatre. The RFF is being greedy. Lets make some cut backs and make it more affordable to all. We don’t need helicopter rides, professional lumberjacks, wine tasting, etc… Lets get back to basics, parade, cotton candy, small carnival rides for the little ones. The festival doesn’t need to span over multiple weeks. We don’t need to keep up with the Jones’ (Rockford and surrounding areas). Red Flannel Day used to be about family, friends, and neighbors coming together for a friendly visit and fun before the winter set in.

I’m a life long resident of Cedar Springs and so disappointed.

Chris Mullenix
Nelson Township

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