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Brown water stains woman’s laundry

Dear Editor,
This is in regards to the brown water that flowed through our lines Monday, October 10. I did a load of all white clothes about 10:30 a.m. and when I went to add fabric softener, the water was running dark brown.
After the cycle, I washed them again two more times with Rust Out, and once with bleach. It did nothing to help them.
I called City Hall and they sent up Al Kensil with an insurance paper to fill out. But he said once the paper was filled out and sent to insurance, it was out of their hands. So I called the City Manager. She said if you let the water run a couple of minutes it clears up. My wash cycle is 25 minutes. I also flushed my toilet and it was dark brown.
All I asked for was to take some off my water bill.

Thank you,
Opal Waller, Cedar Springs

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