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Humor and Lou Gehrig’s?

Kris Galle

By Kris Galle

Kris Galle, age 70, of Cedar Springs, has ALS—better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Kris has been writing about what she is going through—but with a touch of humor. Her sister Sidney Prater brought in some of what she has written in hopes it will bring a smile to the face of others who are caring for a family member.

The Refrigerator

As I become less and less able to do things, I worry about the inside of the refrigerator. I don’t cook anymore and seldom go to the kitchen but am haunted by what might be lurking there. Many years ago a friend was in a bad accident and we cleaned her house and refrigerator. At the time I was very glad it wasn’t mine they were cleaning. Although I remembered the incident, apparently I didn’t learn anything from it.
Bob does his best but refuses to waste anything so nothing is thrown out. I fear if we lift the lids on containers in the back, the Health Department may become involved. We have so many jars and bowls in there it’s actually dark. Maybe that’s why there’s a light that comes on. Maybe we just need a brighter watt bulb. Caroline cleaned it once and Eric spotted a furry carrot and was so grossed out he questioned everything he ate here. That was the one and only time someone else cleaned it for me.
Now, though, it’s different. I can’t do it at all. I can’t stand or pick up the containers. Soooo, I need help. The cleanest refrigerator in the family is Lisa’s. Eric once described it as a floor model at Sears. One catsup, milk, one head of lettuce and one stick of butter.  When the light comes on in her refrigerator, it’s blinding. My thought is, when Bob isn’t looking, I will have her in to excavate the remains. Soon I too will have a blinding light. If I should pass away before this is done, the refrigerator is off limits. I don’t want it to be mine that haunts people years later.
P.S. from Cindy: “The Cleaning”
Daughter Lisa (Kidder) sneaked in to clean. Caroline and I watched and as they grimaced, I said, “Now that doesn’t look so bad!” Then they grimaced at me! But the main enlightenment was that much of the outdated stuff was from before Kris got sick, so they are both (Kris and Bob) very frugal, which is not the word Kris would use. We all laughed…and certainly without this humor being at Bob’s expense. What he is doing, “three men and boy” would struggle to do. His love is deep and I give him a big ol’ salute with a tear! We all do.

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