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Humor and Lou Gehrig’s?

Kris Galle

By Kris Galle

Forward: Kris Galle, age 70, of Cedar Springs, has ALS—better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Kris has been writing about what she is going through—but with a touch of humor. Her sister Sidney Prater brought in some of what she has written in hopes it will bring a smile to the face of others who are caring for a family member.
Let me tell you about my day yesterday. While Bob was having his eye exam—a two hour affair—I took the power chair and went down by the river. There is a park with a paved path, trestle bridges, flowering trees and it all follows the small river. The wheelchair was fully charged so I set off. After about 40 minutes and no end of the trail in sight, I decided to turn around and head back.
Suddenly the chair started slowing down and the power bars went from 10 (fully charged) to six. I kept coaxing it along because if it dies out there it can’t be pushed or moved at all. Bob didn’t know where I was and I’d only seen four people. Now I’m down to two bars and I see Main Street, if I can get it across a big field. I made it and started up the street, when all of the sudden the skies opened and it started pouring. Got the chair inside a tire store (couldn’t have been a fun store) and turned it off.
Of course, I can’t speak well enough to explain about the battery and my husband at the doctor’s. I dried off and the rain let up and for some reason the battery kind of recharged (five bars) and so I made a run for it. Ha! I got three more blocks before it started pouring and I just made it to a shoe store overhang. Battery at one bar and flashing madly!
After sitting there awhile, a car drove up and it was the employee of the doctor’s office and she’d been driving around looking for me. After making sure I was fine, she said Bob was almost done and she’d tell him where I was. End of big adventure. Shows I’m not too old, or too sick for excitement! Also shows I need to let someone know where I’m going and never trust a battery that says “fully charged.”

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One Response to “Humor and Lou Gehrig’s?”

  1. Laura says:

    Sure is refreshing to see your positive and joyful spin on your tales. I hope you are getting positive feedback from your column. I have enjoyed your antics and your sense of humor so much. I can just imagine feeling the power to race off independently in your motorchair only to come up short with battery life. But, you seem to have a great sense of humor despite it all and I appreciate you sharing that. I’d suggest having a notecard of some type, laminated for the rainy days, with a couple of sentences of explaination and emergency contact info for your husband. That would allow you even more freedom and peace of mind to go with your motor chair. Who knows maybe someday I’ll see you and we can race.


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