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Help your youngsters shine in school

Setting young scholars on the path to success may be simpler than many parents realize.

(NAPS)—Parents don’t have to do their children’s homework to help them prepare for class.

There are seven things you can do to help your youngsters have a successful school year, explains Dr. Mary Mokris, education specialist at Kumon Math and Reading Centers.

1.    Focus on the positives. Talk to your children about their accomplishments and recognize the skills they used to be successful, such as perseverance, time management, responsibility and independence, all things that can help them in school.

2.    Give your child genuine and frequent praise. Praise your children’s progress, not perfection. Let them know you be­lieve in them, you think they’re special and you have confidence in them. Let your kids know you recognize and value their efforts, not just their final accomplishments.

3.    Set up a study area for your child. It should be quiet (no TV or video games), well ventilated, free of distractions (no phones or pets), well lit and equipped with all necessary supplies: pens, paper, markers, dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, computer.

4.    Establish a consistent homework routine. Schedule daily homework time in your house so it becomes a part of your family’s routine. This also helps children to see that homework is a priority.

5.    Get acquainted with your child’s teachers and keep the lines of communication open. Discuss goal setting with both your child and his or her teacher. This sort of partnership can be very effective in developing healthy homework habits.

6.    Consider an after-school enrichment program. For generations, Kumon Math and Reading Centers have helped millions of children strengthen math and reading skills, increase self-confidence and develop study skills that last a lifetime.

7.    Learn more about ability- based learning. Children work at a level that is comfortable for them; not based on their age or grade, but their ability.

For further information, visit www.kumon.com or call (877) 586-6673.

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