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Roger on Main StreetMad

Even some of those who voted “Snyder” last November now seem to be mad at the Governor. Personally, I think all the gnashing and growling and demonstrating just lets off steam, and I doubt 1.5 million people will petition to recall him. High-level elected officials aren’t often recalled. Some constituents remain supportive no matter what happens, and the masses are indifferent.

More mad

“The Donald” must be a bit mad (British term for crazy) to make such a fuss over the President’s birth certificate. It didn’t reflect well on Trump. Hawaii has now released to the public the long form birth certificate, despite the state’s official policy of not doing that.
Was there ever really any doubt about where President Obama was born? At least two Honolulu newspapers ran birth announcements at the time: “A son to Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama….” Even the name of the hospital appeared. That’s hard to explain, unless, of course, the President was indeed born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961, just as his birth certificate said all along.
Is Donald Trump serious about running for President? If so, should we insist on a copy of his IQ test?

Fish story

Marine biology researchers have developed a new method to fend off shark attacks: If you’re diving and are approached by a shark, they recommend that you swim towards it aggressively and punch it on the nose as hard as possible. And, “If this doesn’t work, beat the shark in the face with your stump.”

Fish story #2

A couple of boys were fishing at their special pond off the beaten track when the game warden jumped out of the bushes. One of the boys threw down his rod and started running through the woods, the game warden hot on his heels.
After about a half mile, the young man stopped and stooped over with his hands on his thighs to catch his breath. The game warden caught up to him. “Let’s see yer fishin’ license, boy!” he said.
The boy pulled out his wallet and handed the warden a valid fishing license.
“Well, son,” said the warden, “you must be about as dumb as a box of rocks. You don’t have to run from me if you have a license.”
“Yes, sir,” said the boy, “but my friend back there? He never bothered to buy one.”

Blonde joke #1283

A blonde man went to his boss’s costume party unclothed but with a woman on his back.
“What on earth are you supposed to be?” asked the boss.
“I’m a snail,” the man replied.
“What a bunch of nonsense,” said the boss. “How can you be a snail when all you have is that woman on your back?”
“This is no nonsense,” the man replied. “That’s Michelle.”

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