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City Council clips

Eagle Scout Charley Nelson, 16, is presented with a “You make the difference award” by Cedar Springs Mayor Charlie Watson. Post photo by J. Reed.

City honors Eagle Scout

The City of Cedar Springs honored Charley Nelson, 16, son of Charles and Ginger Nelson, of Courtland Township, with their “You make the difference” award at their monthly meeting last Thursday evening. He was given the award for recently earning the rank of Eagle Scout. Charley, with the help of his family and friends, took on the building of the gazebo at the White Pine Trail staging area at Maple and Second Street in Cedar Springs as part of his progress toward earning the Eagle Scout rank.

Police officer commended

Cedar Springs Police Chief Roger Parent recently commended Cedar Springs Police Officer Mike Stahl for turning a potential life and death situation for a young man into a routine call. According to Chief Parent, Officer Stahl noticed a young man standing in the roadway at 3:45 a.m. January 1, swearing and yelling at others, while holding a 2×4 board with protruding nails. When Officer Stahl approached in his police car, the man ran off. The officer then got ahead of the man, got out of the police car and yelled at the man to get on the ground, but he did not comply. Officer Stahl drew his handgun and pointed it at the man, who had stopped just feet away, and gave the man a second chance to get down and drop the board, which he did.
“Citizens never truly understand that this situation was just a split second away for any police officer needing to make the ultimate decision to use deadly force to protect himself or others,” said Parent, in the commendation. He noted that Officer Stahl did not know that the man was allegedly using the board for his personal protection, or that he was intoxicated. He also noted that police are trained to use a force above the threat they are facing, so a TASER would not  have been used because it would have been considered a lesser threat than the board with protruding nails. “This young man will never know how fortunate he was to have you as the responding officer that night,” wrote Parent. “You were able to de-escalate the situation without a tragic ending.” He credited Stalh’s years of service and training as a Range officer as contributing to his decision-making that night.

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2 Responses to “City Council clips”

  1. Jim King says:

    An Officer that is a credit to his profession. That young man is certainly fortunate that it was an officer the caliber of Mike Stahl that came on the scene.
    In Seattle, WA, near where I live now, there is currently an inquest investigating an officer’s fatally shooting of a man a couple seconds after giving a verbal command for him to drop a knife and the man wasn’t close to or even facing the officer or threatening anyone. (The knife wasn’t open, although the officer claimed it was, witnesses and another officer collaborate that it wasn’t).

  2. Lenny says:

    I know and witnessed the young man in question, and the officer TAZED him (hes got the scars to proove it), and he did comply the first time asked; I think what happened could of been alot worse, but I dont think what the officer did that night was necessary, cause the young man was already hurt from a prior incident(fight) and based on my experience and his, he was using the 2×4 for protection. Just as an officer would do for himself. Is Self Defense a crime? I dont think Officer Stahl should be promoted for dishonesty and criminal behavior. Recounted, the officer asked the young man to get down, which he did… Then for no reason the officer tazed him. (without a weapon on him).

    I think before any judgements are made of the youngman in question, the reality should be, every encounter should be videotaped because the credibility of the officers story is in question when we have to see false statements made in a news paper.




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