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CTA Elementary Steps Up with Character Ed Focus

This school year, Creative Technologies Academy has placed an especially strong focus on character education.  Miss Burton (4th grade teacher) and Mrs. Paddock (2nd grade teacher) represent the elementary faculty on CTA’s Character Education committee.  Each month, the school is focusing on a different character trait; teachers and staff are infusing each of the character traits into their weekly school lessons and activities. The character traits are also discussed in depth during daily classroom meetings.
For example, in November and December Miss Burton’s fourth grade students wrote essays using the trait of Responsibility as an overarching topic.  Samples of their essays are on this page.
This month, Mrs. Terry’s third grade class has created conversation hearts with different ways to celebrate the trait of Getting Along. Some of Mrs. Terry’s students are pictured here with their conversation hearts.
Teachers, students, staff, and administration all agree that the work of the character education program has had a positive impact on the academic and social environment of the school as a whole.

Responsibility Essays

What I think about responsibility is that you should always be responsible. Here are ways I am responsible I feed my rabbit, Sweettart, clean my room, and do the dishes. I always try to be as responsible as I can.  When I forget to do something I do it when I remember.  That is what I think about responsibility! Here are some examples of responsibility.
One way to be responsible is to do my homework. Whenever I have to read at home for homework, I read a chapter or two and then I take a break and then I read more! Another way is to do my homework after dinner or when I get home. When I forget it I go and get it! So I have learned to never leave my homework at school!
A way to be responsible is to clean your room! You should clean your room whenever your mom or dad tells you to. You should clean up all your stuff on the ground and make your bed! If you make your bed your room will look a lot better!
A way to be responsible is try to keep my desk clean! If you don’t clean it on Friday, you will have to wait till next Friday and then your desk will be really messy! Also try to keep track of your papers!
Overall, I think that responsibility is a good thing! You should try to be as responsible as you can. I know that responsibility is a good thing.  I know that if you try to be as responsible you will be responsible!
By: Brianne C. / Miss. Burton’s Fourth Grade Class

Being responsible is really important. Where ever you are, at school or at home, you always want to be responsible. I like to be responsible always.
I have to be responsible and do my homework after school the days that I have it. If I’m at my grandma’s house, she tells me to do it. When I’m at home my sister tells me to do it. Sometimes I get behind on my homework, so some nights I have to do 3 pages or more of homework. It even takes an hour to do 3 pages of homework. If I don’t get my homework done, I get in trouble. I have to stay up and do it.
Another way I am responsible is to feed the cat and dog. My dog gets 2 meals a day and the cat gets food 3 times a week. The cat gets Purina and the dog gets Iams. I give the dog meds 2 times a day.
Another way I’m responsible is to dry the dishes. My sister washes the dishes, then, I dry them. Then, when all of the dishes are washed and dried, I have to put them away.
Overall, being responsible is fun and important. I like to be responsible and so does my family. I’m always responsible when I’m doing my chores.
By: Dawson I. / 3rd Grade

Feeding pets is a big responsibility.  If you do not feed your pets, your pets can get aggressive. If you have a puppy, you can feed it puppy food 2 times a day. If you have a kitten, you can feed it kitten food.  Do not feed dogs a lot of chocolate.
Chores are a big responsibility.  You could get grounded if you don’t do them.   One chore I have is cleaning my room; it takes a long time.  Chore 2 is to do the dishes.   Let me tell you, you will have to wash your hands. Chore 3 is mopping, and it will make you take off your socks.  The final chore I have is to clean my room.  It is so boring, but I am not in my room a whole lot.
A final way to be responsible is to clean up if your pets have an accident on the floor.  Sometimes I forget to let my dog out.  That is not responsible.  When I forget, he goes on the floor.  I have to spray carpet cleaner on it and vacuum it up.  I hate doing that.
Just remember what I said and you will be fine.  Being responsible is a good thing to do.  I feel happy when I am responsible.
By: Taylon R. / 3rd Grade

Being responsible is doing your chores, getting dressed, brushing your teeth, taking care of your pet, taking good care of things, by keeping things clean, by not littering, putting things away in the right spot, and by turning off lights. Being responsible is a good thing! There is a lot of ways to be responsible.  Responsibility can never be a bad thing! You can pretty much be responsible at any age. Responsibility is awesome!
One way for me too be responsible is to take care of my dog, Rustle. A chore I have to do is to take him outside to go potty, gross!  If I didn’t, he would pee on the floor, even though he is house broken. Another chore I have to do is to feed Rustle. If didn’t feed him, he would starve!  Rustle wouldn’t be very happy with me.  Rustle is a lot of work!
Another way to be responsible is to be responsible for our actions. We can be responsible for our actions by not waving our arms everywhere when we our mad. Another way is to not just reach over and feel something when we want to feel that object. Also, try not to poke others. That is how we can be responsible for our actions.
A third way to be responsible is to do and turn in our homework on time.  If we don’t do that, the teacher will probably be mad and disappointed at us!  So that means we would probably mean punishment.  Here is what I think the punishments would be: recess taken off, going to the principal’s office, and not being able to have free time that day. That wouldn’t be fun for you or me. That is why we should do and turn in homework on time.
Overall, responsibility is important to me at home and school. It makes me happy when I am responsible. I always try to be responsible.
By: Sierra C. / 4th grade

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