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Want to achieve your New Year’s resolution? Make it a “must”

(ARA) – Peak performance coach and human behavior expert Tony Robbins says that when someone isn’t achieving their goal, it’s often because they haven’t made it a must.
“People give up on achieving their goals because they are ‘shoulds’ and not ‘musts,’” says Robbins. “But when something becomes an absolute must for you, when you cut off any other possibility in your mind, then you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.”
Too often, people set unrealistic ways to reach their goals, feel disappointed when they have a setback and give up too soon. If you need to lose 50 pounds but haven’t exercised in three years, going out for a 10-mile run isn’t a good way to get started – you’ll only be discouraged. Instead, start with goals that are achievable. You’ll enjoy consistent successes that add up to create the momentum needed to get you to your goal.
Waiting for the calendar to turn to begin on your goals shouldn’t be part of your plan, get a head start now. If you’re starting out with questions, don’t worry – you’re not alone.  Tony Robbins is scheduled to appear on QVC Friday, Jan. 14 and Saturday, Jan. 15 to offer the Ultimate Edge program. During the broadcast, Robbins will give you his inside tips and tricks to success. For more information go to www.QVC.com.

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