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Baby your skin and hair during colder weather

(NAPS)—In an effort to balance their budgets and maintain beautiful skin during the colder months, many women are skipping the department store counter and instead visiting the baby aisle for their beauty products. As part of a growing trend, women are enhancing their beauty regimen with products that are developed for babies’ gentle skin, yet are sophisticated enough for adults.
According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by JOHNSON’S Brand, nearly 40 percent of adults said they regularly use baby products on themselves, and almost 80 percent of adults say they would feel comfortable using baby products for purposes other than those pertaining to babies.
To help temperature-related skin and hair problems, celebrity makeup expert Tia Dantzler suggests these tips:
• Don’t forget to hydrate. Stay hydrated by drinking water and using moisturizing body care products to protect your skin from the harsh winds and drying effects of indoor heating. Tia prefers an oil-based moisturizer for ultimate hydration. She recommends Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel after a shower, while skin is still wet, to lock in up to 10 times more moisture. “As a makeup artist, this is a great product to have in my kit at all times, especially when working a photo shoot. I apply it to my clients before the red carpet, to achieve a high shine to their bodies, which looks great on camera.”
• Don’t shampoo too often. Shampooing hair daily can strip essential oils and add to the dryness already caused by winter conditions. Try shampooing every other day; if you need to shampoo every day, try a gentle baby shampoo formula designed for babies’ sensitive eyes and fine hair, or use baby powder as a dry shampoo.
• Do deodorize. As women pile on the winter layers to avoid the bitterness of low temperatures, they often find themselves in a sweat before they can get to where they are going. Tia always carries Johnson’s Baby Powder to keep her feeling fresh all day long. “My favorite scent is the new Magnolia Petals. It smells better than regular deodorant and is a great base layer for my perfume.”
• Do exfoliate. Exfoliating will remove dead cells and allow the skin to absorb extra moisture. Aim to do this at least twice a week.
With so many versatile uses, baby products can provide simple solutions to cold weather beauty needs.

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