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FAQ on hunting

hunterFrom the DNRE
Q. May I hunt deer with a bow and arrow during the November firearm deer season?

YES. In order to hunt deer with a bow during this time, you must possess a valid firearm, combination or antlerless deer license with an unused kill tag or an unused Deer Management Assistance (DMA) permit. The archery license is not valid during the November firearm deer season. If you kill a deer, you must tag it with your firearm deer license, combination deer license, antlerless deer license or DMA permit, as appropriate. You must wear hunter orange because the archery deer season is closed.

Reminder: You must have purchased a regular deer license (firearm, combination or antlerless) to hunt with or use a DMA Permit.

Q. How many rounds of ammunition may I carry in my rifle or shotgun?

If you use a semi-automatic rifle or a semi-automatic shotgun, other than a .22 caliber rifle or smaller caliber rimfire rifle, the firearm cannot be capable of holding more than six rounds in the barrel and magazine combined. This restriction does not apply to bolt-action, lever-action or other firearms that are not semi-automatics.

Q. May I hunt raccoon with a .22-caliber rimfire or smaller caliber rimfire firearm during the November 10-14 period?

YES. If you are a resident and have a fur harvester’s license, you may hunt furbearing animals and check trap lines while possessing a .22-caliber rimfire or smaller caliber rimfire firearm during this period.

Q. Where may I sight-in my rifle during the November 10-14 period?

You may use any designated shooting range. In addition, it is permitted to sight-in a firearm on your own property if it is apparent that you are target-practicing and not attempting to take game.

Q. May I transport a firearm in my vehicle if it is broken down?

NO. In order to transport a firearm in your vehicle, it must first be unloaded in the barrel and magazine combined. It must then be securely enclosed in a case, or you may carry it in the trunk of the vehicle.

Q. How many firearms may I legally carry while firearm deer hunting?

There is no restriction on the number of firearms that you may carry.

Q. What caliber or gauge of firearm (rifle, shotgun, pistol) can I use to hunt deer north of the “Rifle-Shotgun Line”?

Any caliber or gauge is legal north of the “Rifle-Shotgun Line” except a .22 caliber rimfire or smaller caliber rimfire rifle or pistol. All centerfire rifles and handguns and all shotguns are legal in this area regardless of caliber or gauge.

Hunting Hours and Property Rights

Q. Can I hunt deer from a raised platform with a firearm?

YES. Deer hunters are allowed to hunt from a tree stand, scaffold or raised platform. When hunting on any publicly owned lands in Michigan, your tree stand, platform, scaffold or steps must be portable (no attachment by nails, screws, bolts, etc.) and cannot be placed out any earlier than September 1, and must be removed no later than January 2. Screw-in tree steps, and any device used to assist in climbing a tree, that penetrates the cambium (thin layer of living cells just beneath the bark) of the tree is illegal on public lands; however, a “T” bolt or similar device supplied by a tree stand manufacturer can be used. A tree stand or raised platform on public lands must have etched, engraved, implanted, burned, printed or painted the name and address of the user on the raised platform in a manner which makes the name and address easily read from the ground.

Q. Can I use my vehicle as a raised platform for deer hunting?

NO. A vehicle cannot be used as a raised platform for either archery or firearm deer hunting. Michigan law prohibits the taking of any game from, in or upon a vehicle. In addition, other hunting and firearms laws regulate the possession of loaded or uncased firearms, or uncased or unstrung bows, in or upon vehicles.

Q. What are the legal hunting hours for deer?

The hunting hours for deer are from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. These starting and ending times are published in the Michigan Hunting and Trapping Digest – see Hunting Hours.

Q. If I post my property NO HUNTING, may I continue to hunt on it?

YES. You may continue to hunt on your property. You are simply communicating your desires to others by placing the signs.

Q. When may I shine deer?

From December 1 through October 31 of the following year, a person may shine deer until 11 p.m. During the month of November, it is unlawful to shine.

It is always unlawful to make use of an artificial light to hunt deer or to shine deer at any time of the year with a firearm, bow and arrow, or any other device capable of shooting a projectile in your possession or under your control.

This does not prohibit an individual issued a concealed pistol license, or a person that is authorized to carry a concealed pistol without a license, from possessing or carrying a pistol while shining provided that they do not use the pistol to take, or attempt to take, game.

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