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Timothy D. Brown

Timothy D. Brown

October 7, 1982 – November, 4, 2005

I pledge allegiance to my new-found friend, the one that flies above, my childhood dream of tolerance and liverty and love. Her glorius stripes of red and white, her field of patriot blue, her fifty stars with five points each; to her I will be true.

When war came home with vengeance and beat down my front door, I shook my head and glared at her. She’d stabbed me to the core. She’d let me down, my dreams were crushed; we’d never be the same. Childish views of her stars and striped exchanged for my loved one’s name.

I pledged allegiance to that flag, I’d done so my life through, but that was long before i learned that what I’d heard is true: “Home of the free because of the brave,” and “Freedom isn’t Free,” these are gifts, not unalienable rights. Gifts that were given to ME!

Expensive gifts, as precious as life, too costly for me to buy, freely given by those unkown, those willing to fight and die. In awestruck wonder, through tear-filled eyes, I searched her length anew. And in her fold I found myself, an American, proud and true.

I pledge allegiance to that flag, but now I understand this tapestry of taneacity that blankets our great land. Old Glory isn’t just a quilted cloth of three distinctive shades. It’s we the people, hand in hand, who ensure this flag won’t fade.

It’s on behalf of a grateful nation that we remember these, all gave some and some gave all, we owe a “thank you,” please. Old Glory’s but a symbol of each American who’s free. Together, we weave the fabric of our proud family.

Our hearts, they weep. Our tears, they spill. Our grief comes crashing down. But Old Glory keeps on flying high above each little town. Greater love hath no man than those who’ve given all. So raise our flag. Raise it high. We cannot let her fall.

We love you Timmy and miss you so much!

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One Response to “Timothy D. Brown”

  1. Karlene Aylsworth says:

    God Bless Tim and his family for paying the unimagineable cost for the freedoms we enjoy daily, and don’t think about enough. I will be putting my flag up for Tim Brown today, and will never forget what he did for me and mine, and this country…
    Love, Beth’s friend Karlene




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