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Former teacher agrees to plea deal

Michael BrockUpdated Nov. 3:

Former Cedar Springs Public Schools teacher Michael Brock pled guilty to a domestic violence charge in Ludington’s 79th District Court Tuesday, and in return, the prosecutor dropped the charges of assault with intent to murder and aggravated assault. Brock was charged late last month after allegedly trying to strangle  his girlfriend while in a  hot tub at the Ramada Inn in Ludington. He had allegedly been drinking.

The domestic violence charge is a misdemeanor, and Judge Peter J. Wadel sentenced Brock to 93 days discretionary jail time (over a period of a year) with credit for 18 days served. He was ordered not to consume alcohol or drugs, and will have random PBTs (preliminary breath tests), and a substance abuse evaluation. He was also ordered to have no contact with the victim. Brock  was then released from custody.

Updated October 27:

Charges may be reduced if plea deal goes through

A former Cedar Springs Public Schools teacher was charged last week with attempted murder after allegedly trying to drown his girlfriend in a hot tub.

According to Mason County Undersheriff Tom Trenner, Michael Brock, 47, of Grand Rapids, was arrested Saturday, October 16, after they were called to the Ramada Inn in Ludington following the assault.

“It was a domestic dispute,” explained Trenner. “We think alcohol was probably involved.” The victim suffered injuries to her face and throat.

Brock was arraigned on Sunday, October 17, in 79th District court, on one count of assault with attempt to murder, and one count of aggravated domestic assault. Bond was set at $50,000 cash/surety. Brock was still in custody as of Wednesday morning, October 27.

According to Mason County Prosecuting Attorney Paul Spaniolo, a pretrial conference was held earlier this week, which may result in the charges being reduced. “We did hold negotiations between myself and the defendant, in consultation with the victim,” said Spaniolo. But as of Wednesday, he said he had seen nothing in writing, and until he does, the original charges still stand.

Brock was a teacher at Cedar Springs Public Schools from August 26, 1991 until the board accepted his resignation on August 31, 2010. For many years he co-taught a multi-age classroom of 4th and 5th graders, and later taught 6th grade at Red Hawk Elementary. While some have said Brock was fired, Cedar Springs Schools Superintendent Ron McDermed said that any pending issues they might have had with Brock were dropped when he resigned. “That’s all I can say per the agreement,” he explained.

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44 Responses to “Former teacher agrees to plea deal”

  1. Steve Schofield says:

    Why was it necessary to state that this man was a former CS Public Schools teacher?

  2. Momof3 says:

    I think the more important question is why is this man allowed to teach? He shouldn’t be near kids if he has no control over his behavior.

  3. drew jernagon says:

    he was always a cool cat in my book. this dont sound rite

  4. Sean says:

    because it is a big issue that kids had him as a teacher and also wouldn’t creep you out if you had him or your child had him

  5. sue says:

    He was an awesome teacher and a great person! Probably a bad decision on his part, but you should not judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes!

  6. Aaron says:

    Sean if you didn’t have him or have a kid with him back when he taught you wouldn’t understand. I had him like 10 years ago and he wasn’t weird or anything. He was actually one of the favorite teachers. And he quit teaching a while ago too. Obviously his life has gone down hill since he quit teaching he wasn’t like that when he taught.

  7. Charlie Towns says:

    When did he teach at Cedar Springs? What grades did he teach?

  8. Angela Lee (Chapman) says:

    Mr. Brock was my fifth grade teacher in the old Hilltop building, He was awesome!!! that’s too bad because I know this was out of character for him! I’m glad his wife is still alive, that must have been so terrifying for her!

  9. Charlie Towns says:

    Would you be able too find out what grade he taught and the years that he taught from and too?


  10. Jenna DeVoogd says:

    um because people would like to know!

  11. Jenna DeVoogd says:

    he teached 6th grade… n like 6 years ago

  12. caleb warner says:

    Mr brock was my 6th grade teacher and he allways had a temper but I can’t belive that this happend it was only 2 years ago when he was giving me homework and he was a roll modle in my book but I guss not now

  13. Administrator says:

    Yes, Charlie, we’re looking into that. I know that he taught multi-age (4/5) grades at Hilltop as far back as 1994, and later 6th grade. He just left the school system in the last couple of years.

  14. austin wood says:

    why mr. brock why

  15. seth says:

    mr brock was the one of the best teachers ever. he was my 6th grade homeroom teacher. HE WAS AWESOME!

  16. austin wood says:


  17. SeraNae says:

    I’m sorry if you think this is wrong, i know im just a kid but i have a pretty strong opinion you people saying He wasnt fit to be a teacher? He was an AMAZING techer one of my absolute favorites, My Sixth grade year will ALWAYs be memerable becasue of this man. So He did something bad, he made a mistake but he was a good teacher while he was at CSPS

  18. Ashley Crowe says:

    I never had him as a teacher but he really was a creeper. A couple of times I have seen him loose his temper, but my sister had him as a teacher and said that he was wierd and there was just something “Different” about him but she couldnt put her finger on it.
    I am glad that he is put away somewhere an isnt out on the street anymore! I hope that his girlfriend or whatever is okay and I wish her family the best.

  19. JB says:

    Mr. Brock taught 6th grade last year at Cedar View. He left in the middle of the year with no reason given.

  20. blackjack says:

    Maybe u should getthe facts before crying “oh the poor children! ” eg the ridiculous false murder charges being dropped.

  21. Jarrod Schenden says:

    Mr.Brock, why? why would you do this? you were actually a pretty cool teacher. and smiling in your mugshot, whats there too be happy about?? you should be locked up for some time, too learn a lesson!!

  22. Some 1 says:

    I had him in 6 grade 2 years ago and i loved the girls he said that we r like his daughters. But this is out of charector but he made a mistake and i think he regrets doing what he has done. My 6th grade year will not be forgotten. 🙂

  23. Keenan says:

    Umm excuse me… But i was in his 6th grade class last year and he was in red hawk he was the kooliest teachers alive … ANd this dosent rlly seam rite to me .. but i guess its true and it hurts alot of us former students

  24. Bryan Taylor says:

    wow. he was always a creeper in my book.
    next time (if he ever gets out) he will think twice
    before he trys the kill someone.
    Sorry for the girl that dated him, and
    I hope her the best.

  25. citizen says:

    He did indeed resign, but there was much speculation that it was a matter of him either resigning or he would be fired. He was a teacher up until last year right before Thanksgiving break. He resigned over Thanksgiving break & a different teacher was assigned his classroom.

    It seems many of you didn’t read the actual article. Most of your questions are answered there. Read it again.

  26. Mika says:

    Dear Administrator,
    While you are checking on the facts about what grades he taught, you may also want to do a fact check on the woman involved and what she has been posting on her facebook page. There is a lot more to this story then you and the rest of the news is reporting. By leaving out other facts in this situation you have certainly done damage to a man’s reputation. There is such as thing as innocent until proven guilty.

  27. Ashley Crowe says:

    Thats kinda hard when we dont even know the woman involved or what her name was to see what she was posting online on Facebook.
    Maybe some people are just curiose to what he tought and what grades.
    As for the ruining the reputation, that work is already done weather he truly did it or not. People are still going to think of him different even if he isnt charged with attempt to murder.

  28. Resident says:


    In response to your statement regarding his reputation:

    In your ignorance, you have demonstrated-perfectly-the problem with this story, newspaper, and the press in general. You are exactly right, “the work IS already done” and “people ARE still going to think of him different.” That will all happen even if the charges are dropped! The point is, you have no idea whether he is or is not guilty; but you have already made up your mind (without hearing either side make their case) because it is easier to have the cedar springs post(or the press) make up your mind for you rather than to think for yourself.

  29. Kameran DeLonge says:

    MR.Brock was one of my 6th grade teachers and the best and awesomest teatcher id never think of him doing this

  30. blackjack says:

    I agree w/mika, and maybe u all should waIt to hear the entire story, like how the accuser was not even in the hotel room when the fictional story supposedly took place, or how the womans facial “wounds” were way too small to be this guys hands and the lack of the rings patterns he had on. Reputation is only shattered if u buy into this media hyped phony story.

  31. blackjack says:

    Oh, and he resigned bc the school was forcing him to bc they were trying to cuut costs and hire new lower paid teachers, ask the other innocent teachers that were forced to resign on bogus charges, but u all don’t want to think that much, you just want to crucify someone to feel better about your heathonistic sins worthy of sodom and gomorrah that are “minor compared to that brock guy” you cannibals! You aught to be ashamed of yourselves. Back into the gutters from whence you came! You filth will have your crimes broadcast for all to hear, either in this life, or after it. You make me sick.

  32. Trisha says:

    Mr. Brock was a teacher at Hilltop Elementary. He taught Multi-age 4th and 5th grade. I was at Hilltop in 1994 to 1997. I never had him but many friends of mine did.

  33. ex-girlfriend says:

    I’m sorry I can not hold back any more. I’m a former girlfriend of Mike Brock. I don’t really know what happened that night @ the hotel with his girlfriend, I do know what he has done to me. He is an abusive man, physically & emotionally. He NEEDS HELP!!!

  34. ex-girlfriend says:


    How do u know michael brook wore rings or the wounds were to small to be his hands. Do you know michael brock personaly? Are you talking to him in jail?

  35. Ashley says:


    To your reputation responce,

    In your ignorance, I never said weather I thought he was guilty or not so therefore you are try to put words in my mouth. I have my own mind to think whatever I please an I dont need “cedar springs post(or the press)” to make up my mind for me. I am a big girl I can think for myself. You too have no idea wether he is guilty or not. He maybe he may not be, I guess we will never truly know. He maybe charged with attempt to murder and he may not have really done it, He and his girlfriend are the only people that will ever truely know weather all this stuff is true and what really happened that night.

  36. The reason you have some teachers keeping their jobs when they do immoral things is because of the strong teachers union backing the teacher up. (innocent or guilty). It is very expensive to remove a teacher from their job because of the legal expense. When someone resigns you can bet they were up to something. The reason Brock left teaching was because of his own bad judgment. He made bad choices even when he started teaching but no one would say anything.
    If you know of a teacher that is doing something wrong at school tell a whole bunch of people. Someone will have the guts enough to follow through and get rid of the trash. P.S. Would someone spell check the student responses?

  37. citizen says:

    haha Eli. I was thinking the same thing. All of these students that are proclaiming Brock to be “the best teacher ever”, can’t spell worth a $&*# !! Something tells me he couldn’t have been THAT great of a teacher if his students think he was “super cool” yet can’t form a proper sentence.

    The Cedar Springs Post didn’t invent this story for your reading pleasure folks. They’re simply reporting what happened based upon the police report.

    Some of you seem all to eager to jump on the “Brock is innocent band wagon”. Seems to me you might be the ones without all of the details.

    And in closing, Teachers just don’t resign from their position of many years for no apparent reason. He just up & resigned. No goodbyes. No explanation. Obviously there’s a lot more to the situation than anyone is willing to say. Or possibly, by contract, is able to say. Brock made bad choices over & over again. He knew he needed to resign before he was publicly humiliated by being fired. He…

  38. M says:

    Brock was an unbearable, unprofessional, out of control teacher to my child. Abusive, reckless, no control in the classroom, unmotivating….I could go on and on. I was at school at least twice that year with Principal Duffy. THANK GOODNESS something was FINALLY DONE. I applaud the school system for continuing the disciplinary process in spite of the contractual obligations. I cannot believe I was the only parent there, inspecting the Grand Rapids Press article that obtained his employment records. I have only been to the school TWICE in both of my kids’ time there to insist something is done about a teacher. He was definitely one of them. At least he had enough of the Cedar Springs’ residents TAX DOLLARS to pay for his attorney fees. The rest, I’m sure, he’ll drink away. What a disgrace to this community from someone who didn’t even LIVE in it.

  39. RedHawkFan says:

    I can imagine most of you had him as a teacher, as I can see most of you certainly do have a ‘Cedar’ education. Now, don’t get me wrong, I also graduated from CSHS and attended the greats such as Hilltop, but the spelling and grammar on here is terrible! It is not ‘I seen he tried to kill his wife,’ it is ‘saw’. Rite. Nope. Right. Yes.

    The only thing this man murdered was the education of his students. Spelling and grammar reflects intelligence…

  40. Home sick says:

    A lot of times I come to the CS post website and I see the same thing. This is the latest example and I just have to finally say it. I never understand why people who love to run down Cedar Springs and all the things that come with it (school system, City Hall, or even the people)continue to live there. Not just on this story but on the website as a whole. If you do not like the people there and think you are better than them, I think you should leave. I love how everyone is now an English major. I left 13 years ago and can not wait to get back. The fact is that this is a sad day for the community. I never had the man for a teacher. Clearly some did and though highly of him. Who cares how they spell? The fact that you are berating them for how they spell speaks volumes about you. What you do speaks so loudly I can not even hear what you say! This is painful to them, and all you can do it criticize their English.

  41. Home sick says:

    I have seen some very educated people who are considered “intelligent” make some very stupid decisions, sometimes costing people their very lives. Just because someone has college and is considered “intelligent” does not mean a thing about their worth as a person. Does it make you feel good to call people stupid? Does it make you feel superior to make statements like “I can see most of you certainly do have a ‘Cedar’ education”? Perhaps this is off of subject, but I am going to get on my soap box for a bit. I am going to tell the story of when I decided I wanted to come home. Please excuse me while I ramble. I do not think anything I have done makes my opinion more valid than anyone else. I remember being in Ambar province (Iraq) in 2006. On a daily basis I would deal with soldiers who lost someone in their unit. I ran a electronics repair shop on base.

  42. Home sick says:

    Sometimes the soldiers would bring us equipment that we could tell was intentionally broke to avoid going outside of the wire. We did not report it because there was more than enough equipment to replace the ones they broke. So it never affected the mission, and we could fix it pretty quickly. I also did not report it because I understood why they did it. It is a hell of a thing to see your friend burned alive in a Bradly. It is a hell of a thing to have your friend die in your arms. I was not going to judge them for it. If a man is so scared to go outside the wire he does that and it gives him some peace ever for a little bit I will let him have it. It is stressful some of the things I saw there. The mass casualties we had to help with were never pleasant. I know of one soldier in my unit who was chaptered out for PTSD.

  43. Home sick says:

    The Medical clinic did not have a place to store blood. Every time our guys got hit downtown they called for everyone with the blood type they needed to report to the clinic to have their blood drawn for transfusions. I remember one solider from 1-18th infantry coming to the shop the day after they were hit one time. He was limping because he had some shrapnel in his foot they had to remove. He was visibly stressed out, he just come in to drop off some equipment. In the middle of all of this I was repulsed by how ugly war was. I was just so sick of being in the middle of all of it. I remember just wanting to go home and never leave. To me Cedar Springs is the opposite of that place. I have been counting down the days until I am out to come back ever since. You know on that deployment it was my Uncle who helped me through.

  44. Home sick says:

    Every couple of days I would call him. My Uncle is not the best speller, he would not meet some of your standards for being intelligent. He has lived in Cedar Springs his whole life and has a “Cedar” education. I think some of you would look down on him. But he was there every time I needed to talk. Being a veteran does not make my opinion more valid than yours (I am not trying to say it does or play that card). I just love where I am from, because to me it is the opposite of so much ugliness. When I see people constantly dogging it out it bothers me. Every time I look at the blogs on here I see people who have chosen to live in Cedar Springs but constantly dog everything out about it. Perhaps if you saw some of the other places in the world you would not be so quick to put my home down. Perhaps you would not be so quick to point out that someone is a bad speller. But you are welcome to think different even to criticize me this is a free forum.




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