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Impressive Pageant

I just wanted to than the Red Flannel Pageant Board, judges, participants, organizers,m and everyone else who worked together to make this event so extraordinary. I was against my daughter participating as I believed the pageant was for families that are well known in the community, or connected to the festival in some other way. Being a working mom that has difficulty being invilved, I did not hink my daughter would have a chance, and I did not want her judged unfairly.

The reality was that all the judges were intentionally neutral, and the planning committee went to great lengths to help everyone to have an even start. The girls were coached and prepared for the pageant. They presented themsleves poised and graceful. While I watched the eveing unfold, I thought: “There is no way the judges could make a decision on these young ladies. They better have ten crowns back there for these beautiful girls.”

Nonetheless, they did make a decision and the three winners were prepped for their big week. As a mother of one of these ladies, I was oriented to what was going to happen in the next year. Again, I was pleasantly surprised at how professinal the pageant was. I feel a great deal of Red Flannel pride, because the Red Flannel festival board has hosted and supported this event.

I gess I am writing this letter also to the parents of girls who may have the dream to be Red flannel Queen in the future. I encourage any parent to allow their daughter to get involved. the whole process was uplifting and self estemm building. There was camaraderie between the girls and whatever the outcome, I think this pageant is a wonderful opportunity for young ladies.

Even though I tried to talk my daughter out of participating. I am pleased that she has more sense than I do on this matter. Thank you again, Red Flannel Board. You continue to do a wonderful job on this festival, the pageant, and all that you do to support this town.

Sally L. Nulph,
Nelson Township

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