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Please return dog tags

Dear Editor,

On Wednesday, September 1, a friend and myself were out for our evening walk when we stopped to admire the Veterans Park Memorial. We were very saddened to see that Mr. Timothy Brown’s dog tags were missing from the monument, which was just dedicated on Saturday, August 28, 2010.

I attended the dedication on Saturday and was personally very touched, as I’m sure many who attended were. I walked away that day very thankful for all veterans who have served in order for us to live as we do today.

It disturbs me greatly that an individual took it upon themselves to remove the dog tags of a fallen veteran. This action shows a level of disrespect that is beyond my understanding. Those dog tags are a symbol of a very brave young man who gave his life for every citizen of the United States.

I personally would like to request to the individual who removed the dog tags to honor Mr. Timothy Brown, his family, and all fallen veterans and replace what you have so disrespectfully removed.
Christine Fahl, Cedar Springs

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3 Responses to “Please return dog tags”

  1. Deb J Eadie says:

    To the person who stole Timothy Browns dog tags. It is a shame that a person would stoop so low to take the tags of a veteran who earned those tags by unselfishly volunteering to defend our country. Tags that are only meaningful to the family of this young man who I am sure sacrificed a piece of his memory to share with the community in remembrance of their noble sons participation in the armed services. I am disheartened to see how morals are declining at a rapid pace. Our community is disgraced by such behavior & I hope this person will feel guilty every time they look at these illegally and dishonestly stolen tags . I just wanted to say to that person, if you don’t want to join the forces or were rejected from the forces, then you could go downtown to the local gumball machine and purchase your very own. Of course they will be meaningless, but so are the ones that were stolen. They did have meaning to his family. It is not too late to return them to where they belong…

  2. Charlie Towns says:

    It is very sad to see what our community has come too. I remember when I was growing up in Cedar you could stop and give someone a ride into town if you saw them walking on the side of the road. Now we have gas stations being robbed in town. How times have changed for the worse. I certainly hope that these tags are recovered. I would tell the family that if they are recovered it might be best to hang onto them. It is sad to say but it is true, while there are still some good people out there enough are scum bags or dont control their kids to create a problem.

  3. Administrator says:

    Someone must have seen the article, because a third party turned the dog tags into police.




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