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Welcome to the Village of Sand Lake:

It was founded in 1869 and became Incorporated in January 1879. The first annual meeting was held in March 1879. One of the first acts of the council was to equip a wagon with axes, buckets, and ladders in preparation for a call to fight fires. The Township can not guarantee us a Fire Department and if, that’s IF we get one they cannot guarantee our taxes won’t go up. It’s possible that Ensley Fire Dept. and Pierson could go out on their own, so there is no money from them. That was said at a Nelson Township Board meeting in June, questions were asked and they could not answer, because they are not sure.

Homes that are foreclosed are not just because of taxes. People have lost jobs and can’t afford payments or have had to move to find jobs and have just left houses. How many have even moved out of state to find jobs? It’s not just taxes! Take your taxes and divide it by 365. Just say you pay $1,00 a year in taxes which is high, and divide it by 365, you pay only $2.74 a day. You receive 24-7 on call service, besides all the other services you receive. If you are not sure of all your services – stop in the Village Office. If you really want the TRUTH about where our money is spent – stop in the Village Office.

What President, Governor, or any other government position promises us if we vote for them we’ll have less taxes? All, but we still pay same or more taxes. So, why do we think the Village of Sand Lake will pay less taxes? Everything will be a Special Assessment and we’ll be paying for it.

I don’t want to see tumble weeds going down Main Street.

Vote NO on August 3.

Marcia Helton

Village Taxpayer/Village Resident and proud of it

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