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Vote yes on village disincorporation

Hear-Ye Hear-Ye: To Vote Yes or to vote No, that is the question to Sand Lake Voters!

When this country was just beginning there was many people that used scare tactic, rumors and out-and-out lies to stop the separation from British Rule. They didn’t believe we could survive without the King’s guidance or power. Everyone was used to the King’s Rule and didn’t question it. Things seemed good. Affluent, rich people were some of the most steadfast supporters to keep the Kings Rule. Some of the rich people were not concerned, nor did they care, about how much the less fortunate people were paying in taxes.

But things changed, all because the people started to listen to radicals that said there is a better way. The radicals said that government should be “Of the People and For the People.” The radicals showed how the King charged high taxes and high prices for the few services they provided.  These radicals went on to show the people they could retain their identity, make their community better, and doing all of this just by changing to a different government system. The radicals became known as patriots. These patriots forged forward to help the people find the right kind of government and the right amount of government so that the people and businesses could flourish and be economically strong.  With a healthy flourishing community and a strong economic base, only then, can the people get many services at a low price.

Sand Lake does not have a Healthy flourishing community. Many people here are struggling to make ends meet. They hang on as if they had just put one of the few remaining pieces of coal on the fire. The foreclosure rates here are among the highest, per capita, in the state. Businesses come and go because this is a weak economic town. The taxes are like a dagger lodged in the hearts and wallets of the businesses and the people.  This town will never recover with such high taxes.

So, what is the local government doing? They continue to spend, spend, spend. Then, just like the Kings, they sent their white-haired lawyers. And, from their fortress, they spent our money to prevent us from voting. They have caused the spending of over $35,000 dollars of your money to prevent a change in the King’s Court.   Luckily, we no longer have a King’s court and the judge proclaimed “Let the People VOTE.”.

The village Council is costing us a King’s ransom. We do not need this branch of government. That sounds pretty radical doesn’t it? Or, does it sound very patriotic?

The Township has proven to be more efficient. They do the job with two less council members. They have a budget less than the village. They take care of thousands instead of just a few hundred. The Township takes care of 36 square miles and the village only looks over less than one square mile. The Township has said they would take over responsibilities from the village.

What would the people that made this town good, say? People that have worked hard to better Sand Lake know that hard choices need to be made? Good and just people (patriots) look at both sides of an issue and, no matter how hard the choice, they vote for the good of all the people.

We all know that it doesn’t take a high-taxing government to do good things, it just takes good people.

If we make the hard choice, the courageous-patriotic choice of yes to get rid of the high taxes, we will be on our way to making Sand Lake a healthier and a more prosperous village.

We will still have the Township there supporting us and it won’t cost us an arm and a leg.

Ridge Ridgeway, Sand Lake

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  1. slresident says:

    Bravo to this man who has done his homework and has made his choice. It’s sad to think that the residents of Sand Lake will vote on this issue without all of the facts. The persons who began the petition, did so with a vision, not a personal agenda. The vision was to try to alleviate a high tax base and preserve the basic services received by all residents of the township. Sand Lake residents should pay the same amount as the surrounding community and no more. That’s the only fair thing to do. I will vote yes on the disincorporation, not because I think I’m going to lose something in the services provided by the village, but because I think that it’s the only way to preserve the existing community. To continue on the same path we are on now, will only cause more people to move away and not come back. Who then will continue to support the half million dollar budget that the Village continues to carry?

  2. somelocalyocal says:

    Yet neither the original writer nor the one making the comment have the courage to use real names. Strange.

  3. slresident says:

    The original writer of this article is Ridge Ridgeway, that’s his real name. As far as mine is concerned, I choose to remain anonymous due to the fact that my family has already gotten some nasty comments about my very public opinion and they do not deserve that. It’s funny, you don’t share yours either.




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