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Attn: Sand Lake residents – Things you should know!

Paid for by the citizens to save Sand Lake

Our history cannot be take away but our future as we know it most likely will if we disincorperate.

1 mil is a different amount for every municipality. Rockford receives approx.. $95,000 per mil levied, Cedar Springs receives approx. $65,000 per mil levied, Sand Lake receives less than $11,000 per mil. Yet we are able to provide the same services as these other municipalities.

Our founding forefathers supported a decentralized government. Small government is not less government. Local government is much more efficient and accountable than big government. Sand Lake has 7 Council member representing approx.. 300 voters. Nelson Towhship however has only 5 council members to represent 4200. How much attention do you think Sand Lake will get?

As far as fire protection, Nelson Township is not legally obligated to provide protection. If disincorperated where will the additional $18,000 of the village’s portion come from to run the current department? No one knows. If fire protection has to be covered by other departments your homeowners insurance will increase substantially. Revenue sharing increases will not cover everything. Ask the Nelson Township supervisor.

Petioners say a 60% grant has been awarded to cover sewer costs Wrong! The grant is eligible to the village base on “means household income” which Nelson Township does not Qualify for !!! They don’t tell you that. Who will pay? You will. How much? No one knows.

Water and Sewer — some have said “If personnel are needed” (like it might just run all by itself), wages will come out of their regular water bills. Do you think Kent County can run your local water and sewer cheaper than the village can locally? Most likely the cost will at least double. Again no one knows.

Snow plowing and maintenance — there are over 60 residences and 20 businesses that use the village alleys daily. How will people get the alley plowed, and how will you collect from those not willing to pay? Who decides where the snow will go? Who will enforce proper placement for later runoff? Who will take care of torn up alleys? Who will you call  if you’re not happy with the removal or placement. No one knows.

We have an Elementary school in out village limits. The township has no sidewalk ordinance for snow removal. How long before someone even gets a warning to remove the snow? Who’s going to do it? How many kids have to walk in the street or seniors risk injury before someone complains to the township? No one knows.

Police coverage — It has been said “crime isn’t a problem in Sand Lake.” Well it is in all the townships around us, I wonder why not here? Must be we’re lucky. Kent county sheriffs have 2 deputies per shift to over 8 townships. That’s over 288 square miles. Certainly they will be big deterrent to crime here. The first line of defense is a presence and we have a presence now with the Sand Lake Police department. Do you think Kent County Can make a difference for the village? No one knows.

Nelson township has no parks or any means of taking care of a park or any ordinances for them. Sand Lake has two (Salisbury and new bicycle staging area) All levels of service required to take care of them will have to be contracted out. Who will pay for this? No one knows.

Would a Nelson Township resident pay for?

1. Sand Lake Street Lights
2. Sand Lake refuse containers on Main Street
3. Up keep and maintenance of municipal
parking lots.
4. Park benches on Main Street
5. Line painting village parking lots on Main
6. Sand Lake tree maintenance
7. Sand Lake Cemetery maintenance
8. Sand Lake Road Bond Debt
9. Sand Lake fire protection
10. Salisbury Park picnic tables and maintenance

NO ONE KNOWS… these things and many others are clearly the responsibilities of Sand Lake residents; we know currently what the costs are. We know who is paying for all these services and who is responsible for all maintenance, repair and upkeep. We know who to contact if these things are not done to our satisfaction or need. There is a cost to have a safe, secure, intimate home. Are you willing to move up one level (township) or two levels (Kent County) and think that they can do it cheaper or with better accountability based on a few disgruntled residents with hidden agendas and misleading information? Ask yourself would Sand Lake be a better place if it were run by the township? I think that answer is Clear.

Save Sand Lake • VOTE NO August 3rd

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