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Sand Lake man arrested for assault

A Sand Lake man that pointed a gun at a relative and at Michigan State Police Troopers was arrested on assault charges last week.

Vincent Lee

According to D/Sgt. Scott Rios, troopers from the Michigan State Police Newaygo Post were called to the 5900 block of 22 Mile Road, in southern Newaygo County, late Wednesday, May 26 on a report of an intoxicated person with a gun. During the investigation, troopers learned that the suspect, Vincent Lee, 40, allegedly pointed a long gun at a relative during a domestic dispute. Troopers were directed to a home where the suspect was believed to be barricaded inside with the weapons, and as they approached the home, police saw the suspect outside the house with a long gun in his hands.

Rios said that troopers gave verbal commands to the suspect to lay down his weapon. The suspect failed to comply, and appeared to level the gun at the troopers. At that point, shots were fired, and the suspect surrendered. There were no injuries reported.

The suspect was lodged in the Newaygo County Jail, and arraigned in 78th District Court, White Cloud, on four counts of felonious assault.

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7 Responses to “Sand Lake man arrested for assault”

  1. Eileen says:

    Once again the word allegedly is used . Are the police absolutely sure this man had “a long gun” in his hands or they just alledged he did…. Did a family member not yell out the police were shooting at an unarmed man when they were firing their guns at him. And how many of the Michigans finest does it take to take down the alledged gunman…please answer the riddle….They all missed! sound like a lesson in riffle 101 is definitley in order….or is it a case of ‘the bad man verses the cops go wild’.

  2. admin says:

    Typically at the time of the articles publication the verdict is not final.

  3. survived says:

    This is not the first time the State Police have been at this address. This has been a frequent stop for them.
    This was not a case were the suspect did not have a weapon. He DID have a weapon and He DID point it at them.
    This idiot should stay behind bars. The houses in this area are very close and HE is lucky HE did not shoot or kill anyone in this lastest episode.
    Thank you for getting your facts straight! And thank goodness you were there to know they all missed him and for the inside scoop!

  4. Time will tell says:

    I too heard that there were conflicting stories about what happened at the scene. I too had heard that he had no gun in his hand. But time will tell. He did not make the best desicions prior to the Cops even being called. And that is a fact that is known by all. It will be interesting to see how the trial turns out.

    Time Will Tell

  5. chica says:

    let me tell things the RIGHT way….i live at that house and no the cops are bot there freqeuntly….and the night this all happened he was uncontrollable he was not stopping and what the police did was the right thing,,,if he woulda got shot it was his time to go but since he didnt it wasnt…i have to sit and stare at the bullet hole that goes through our house…it is something that will haunt us forever,…and what he gets he deserves…i dont sleep at night now because i dont know if he is goin to kill me in my sleep or what!! wat all the news reporter say is nothing and i mean NOTHING like what happened that nite! i am in fear for mine and my familys life!!!

  6. Time Will Tell says:

    Sounds like you know more than me chica. Like I say I was not there, I only know the stroy of someone yelling out he had no gun.

  7. dean wulff says:

    after looking at some of the police recorde it wood appear that the police here don’t know what the facts ar! with oficial reports sayins one thing and testimoney saying another.along with detective scott Riso saying one thing in one affidavit and something different in another, why the discrepancys with all his years of service he should be able to get official forms right? or is this an attempt to bend the facts




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