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Give a turtle a brake

It’s already that time of year when you see those funny little speed bumps moving across the road. But wait! They’re not speed bumps! They’re turtles!

Turtles cross roads to get to the other side. What’s on the other side? Turtles travel in the spring to either mate or lay eggs.

Give a turtle a brake. That is a foot on the brake. If you see a turtle crossing the road and you want to give him a hand, make sure he’s not a snapper! But if he’s the regular pond variety, he/she’s quite harmless. If you transport the turtle make sure you put him on the side that he is facing or he’ll just go back the other way!

I’ve seen a few people already stopping for turtles and taking them the rest of the way across safely. Good for you!

If you rescue a turtle, you become an honorary member of our Turtle Rescue Team. Just send in your name, address and phone and a photo if you get one! Send digital photos to postnews@charter.net. Members of the club receive a certificate and a turtle rescue pin.

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