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NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards

NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards is a service provided by the National Weather Service (NWS).  It provides continuous broadcasts of the latest weather information and forecasts from your local NWS office.  NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards broadcasts important forecast and warning information as quick as possible.

With NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards, you will always have access to potentially life-saving emergency information.  During severe weather, NWS personnel can interrupt routine weather broadcasts and insert warning messages concerning immediate threats to life and property.  A special alert tone can also be activated that triggers an alerting feature on specifically equipped receivers.  In the simplest case, this signal activates audible or visual alarms indicating that an emergency condition exists within the broadcast area of the station.  In the most sophisticated alerting system, receivers equipped with Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) technology allow listeners to choose which counties and for what events their radio will sound an alarm for when official NWS watches and warnings are issued.

NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards broadcasts warning and post-event information for all types of hazards, both natural and technological.  Working with other federal and local agencies, NOAA Weather Radio is an “all hazards” radio network.  This makes NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards the single source for the most comprehensive weather and emergency information available to the public.

NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards is the voice of the NWS and is provided as a public service by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  These life saving receivers, that should be as common as home smoke detectors, can be purchased at many retail stores and through mail order catalogues including Internet web sites that sell electronic merchandise.  It provides the timeliest forecast and warning information from your servicing NWS office.  This information can save your life!

Please take the time to learn more about NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards.  More information is available from your local NWS office and through the Internet at the National Weather Service’s NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards web site at www.nws.noaa.gov/nwr.

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