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Spring car care tips for drivers

(ARA) – Travel is on the rise as the economy slowly recovers, with Americans logging an increase of 6.6 million miles during 2009, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. As this travel trend is expected to continue, it is essential that drivers take the proper steps to help their vehicles remain durable and to get the most from what may be their second largest investment.

“My entire career has been about keeping cars running strong in some of the most severe conditions,” says Alan Gustafson, crew chief of veteran NASCAR driver Mark Martin’s No. 5 car. “Making your vehicle last is more important than ever these days, and it’s important for drivers to proactively maintain their vehicles after the stress of cold weather months.”

April celebrates National Car Care Month, the time of year that serves as a reminder for drivers to think about the condition of their vehicles.  Gustafson recommends a few simple checklist items to help keep your car running at optimal performance leading into the expected busy spring travel season:

Motor oil is a must. Cold temperatures can wreak havoc on an engine if it is not cared for properly, as cold startups are among the most severe conditions that engines undergo. Drivers need to protect their vehicles with a quality motor oil to endure the varying temperatures as most of the country changes from cooler to warmer temperatures. The changing of seasons serves as an excellent reminder of the importance of using high quality motor oils in your engine, such as Quaker State Advanced Durability motor oil.

As the weather changes, conditions on the road also change. Historically, more drivers take to the highway as the temperatures increase, resulting in increased traffic congestion and heavy stop-and-go traffic conditions. Under these extreme conditions, drivers need a motor oil that will protect their engines from heat and wear. Quaker State Advanced Durability motor oil is tested under these conditions, and demonstrates a durable level of protection.

Quaker State oils are constantly tested in New York City taxi cabs and after thousands and thousands of miles of use, still pass certain critical industry tests for brand new oil for wear, viscosity, and rust protection even when it is ready to be changed.

Make a date to inflate. As the weather gets warmer and temperatures increase, tire pressure changes. Under-inflated tires reduce a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by an average of 3.3 percent, according to www.fueleconomy.gov. Tires should be checked monthly to make sure that they are inflated to manufacturers’ recommendations, which can typically be found on the vehicle door placard or in the glove box. Be sure to avoid over-inflating the tires, as this can lead to premature or irregular tire wear.

Clean your fuel system. Many drivers use a fuel system cleaner in the winter to combat the cold weather conditions and to ease the stress on their engines during cold startups. Continuing the use of that fuel system cleaner after the colder months is also a good idea, as gunk and deposits collect in the fuel system. Products such as Gumout Regane Complete Fuel System Cleaner are designed to help clean the combustion chamber, fuel injectors/carburetors, intake valves and ports of an engine, which can help maximize fuel economy and engine performance.

It is essential that motorists take the proper steps to make sure their cars are fully prepared for the spring drive, and use quality automotive products to help the vehicle run the way it was intended. For instance, motor oils that do not meet required specs can cause costly engine repairs and ultimately could void the vehicle’s warranty. Additionally, a vehicle using low-quality oils may be more likely to break down which is not only inconvenient, but it also potentially threatens your ability to get to the places you need to be – like your job. For more information on Quaker State’s lineup of durable motor oils, visit www.QuakerState.com. Visit www.MotorOilMatters.org for more information on why motor oil really does matter.

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