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Alleged arson causes stir

By Judy Reed

Last week’s story about Sand Lake Police arresting an alleged arsonist as he ran from a vacant building has some people speculating whether the incident really happened or whether it was staged to show the need for the police department.

If the village were disincorporated, the police department would cease to exist.

According to Sand Police Chief Ken Williams, there is nothing to the claim made by at least one person on our website, and others in the area.

According to Chief Williams, the man sat in the bar about 12 hours the day of the fire, but doesn’t seem to be connected to anyone in town.

Sand Lake Police Officer Steve Brandow and Sand Lake Police Intern Zac Gregory were on foot patrol at approximately 3:00 a.m. Sunday, March 14, when they noticed a fire in the back window of a vacant building at 20 W. Lake Street. They observed a man leaving the scene, and Officer Brandow apprehended the suspect while Intern Gregory successfully extinguished the fire.

They arrested Gerald Lee Krug, 48,  of Grand Rapids, on a charge of Arson–Preparation to Burn Property over $20,000.

Some have asked whether the police really do foot patrols. Williams said that they do. “We do foot patrols at random. We try to get out of the car at least once a night and more during the summer,” he said.

Krug waived his right to a preliminary hearing that was scheduled for Wednesday, March 24, and was bound over to Circuit Court on the arson charge.

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7 Responses to “Alleged arson causes stir”

  1. D says:

    What stir? It sounds like the Cedar Springs Post is stageing a stir. I guess we have to remind our newspaper that their job is to report news, not manufacture it.

  2. Richard Bushnell says:

    I don’t know for sure, no one does. But it does sound a little fishy. In an area where councilman are charged with larceny, sherifs are stealing money from the elderly, and firemen are abusing children, I hope I’m dead wrong.

    It’s not a news reporters fault for reporting all this garbage. Sick of the crime and the fires? Then get the word out that people need to stop doing stupid things.

  3. Mark M. says:

    Its true – sometimes police/fire/clergy, or anyone for that matter do horrible things and that makes the news. But for every story about the entrusted who misuse their positions there are a HUGE amount of police successes that don’t make then news.

    How would you write a story about all the lives saved from drunk drivers who spend a night in jail to sober up instead of driving? Or the kid who got caught breaking into a garage to steal a bike, which potentially stops him from becoming an armed robber? You can’t write a story about those things, but you can write one about a screw up.

    I don’t think there is a stir, and if there is there shouldn’t be. People are looking too hard at a simple story. This is a police success and the community should be proud of their police department.

  4. Harry Mantt says:

    The thing you have to consider are the facts. Someone was arrested for the crime, he even waived a preliminary hearing. Sounds like someone who knows he did something stupid to me. Plus factor in that alcohol played a role and it adds credence to the story. Do you really think the Sand Lake Police has to money to hire someone to start a fire just so they can catch him and convict him? He’s not claiming innocence, he’s not saying they framed him. Why is it so wrong to simply tell the police “Good job! Thank you for keeping us safe. While the rest of us are sleeping, you are out protecting life and property.”

  5. Deb Hilton says:

    I would certainly hope that people stop and think real hard about what they say or write about the officer and intern. You may just fall under the realm of SLANDER, LIEBEL, or DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER. Imagine a young intern who is unable to fulfill his dream of a career in law enforcement because of a cloud of doubt or suspicion over his actions. I am sad to see that Officer Brandow has been put in a questionable light. I have known him since he was a young boy and personally witnessed him in a compassionate situation of a pregnant woman in a car accident. It’s best to drop the “fishy” comment and be thankful that no real damage or injury came from the incident.

  6. who cares says:

    who cares all of you should go get a life and stop caring about who made up what go save the whales or build a park

  7. Ken Holliday says:

    It has been proven time after time that when a tragic event happens, there will be conspiracy theories as to the truth of what really happened. This is just another case of someones hatred toward thier local governing bodies. It is inevitable. However I find it very funny that someone would try to blame the Cedar Springs Post for starting this “conspiracy theory” To that person I say, your right, the Post made up this story to boost sales of their free paper! Or maybe to attract national news so they can sell the paper nation-wide! Maybe to prove they are great investigative reporters! So funny! I also find it ironic that you feel so strong about this, but for some reason you dont even use your name? Anyway, this whole story is rediculous.




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