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Deputies of the year at the Kent County Sheriff Department

2009  Law Enforcement Deputy of the Year: Sgt. Alan Roetman

Al began his career on February 14, 1994 at the Kent County Sheriff Department as an Emergency Communications Operator.  On October 24, 1994, Al was promoted to County Patrol Officer.  On May 11, 2009, he was promoted to County Patrol Sergeant.
Throughout his career, Sgt. Roetman was selected for numerous positions of increasing responsibility at the Kent County Sheriff Department including field training officer, defensive tactics instructor, tactical team officer, mobile command bus coordinator, and field training supervisor.
Sgt. Roetman has received numerous letters of appreciation from citizens and his supervisors.  Additionally, he received four official departmental Letters of Recognition as well as a receiving a Distinguished Police Service Award in 2004.

2009  Corrections Deputy of the Year:  Steve Springfield

Steve began his career on May 8, 1978 at the Kent County Sheriff Department as a Cadet, working part time and attending college full time. Steve was hired full time as a Corrections Officer on November 12, 1979. During his 31 years as an officer assigned to the main jail facility, Steve has worked virtually every duty station within the facility.  His responsibilities include conducting inmate searches, transfers and investigations regarding alleged incidents, admitting visitors, conducting inmate counts, inspecting living quarters, delivering prescribed medication, and assisting in the Inmate Services Program.

2009 Civilian of the Year: Michael Ensing

Michael began his career at the Kent County Sheriff Department on February 14, 1995 as a Cook II in Food Services in Corrections.  Michael’s excellent cooking skills were readily discernible in the product he produced on a daily basis, as well as being counted upon to perform many of the administrative functions associated with the position.  On July 2, 2007, Michael was entrusted by the Sheriff’s Office to temporarily fill in as Food Services Director while the process ensued to find a permanent replacement.  After the process was completed, on November 12, 2007, Michael was selected by the Sheriff’s Office to fill the position on a permanent basis.

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