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Cedar Springs Public Schools mentor program is off to a great start!

A game of “Battleship,” touring the school, sharing cheerleading stories, and talking about college are all activities that took place during mentor sessions this past January.  After months of discussions, research, planning, identifying students and recruiting volunteers, the Cedar Springs Mentor Program is off to a great start.

“This is when the fun begins,” states Jennifer Willette, Mentor Coordinator. “It will be great to introduce the mentors and students and watch as they get to know each other and develop a relationship.” Both mentors and students were a bit nervous at first but by the end of their first session the nerves were gone and plans were being made for what they would do next time.

Currently the program is for 6-12 grade students. “While I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to connect mentors with students, we are working to connect many more students with a positive role model.” A good number of these students are boys, many of whom do not have fathers or other male role modes ready and able to guide them through life. These adolescent boys are at an impressionable stage, learning by themselves how to become men. Without a positive male role model to guide them, they will look to  whomever else happens to be around.  For many boys, those other options are not very positive.

A commitment of a half hour a week can make a huge difference in a child’s life.  The moment you become a mentor to a child, your experience is a success; for these kids your willingness to spend time with them is the most powerful act of all.  The wonderful thing about mentoring is that you are already equipped to be a good mentor.  You bring to the table something unique that these kids do not have in their lives…the ability to be their friend. As a mentor you do not need to play the role of a parent, teacher, social worker, or psychologist. You only need to be yourself—a caring adult, willing to spend time with a child who needs a good role model.  Training, guidance and support are offered to all mentors.

For more information about becoming a mentor, please call Jennifer Willette, Mentor Coordinator at 696-1204 ext. 6260.

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