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Woman loses two dress sizes in five weeks

By Judy Reed

If someone told you that you could drop two sizes without counting calories or carbs, would you do it?

According to Aurelia Tillbrooke, of Cedar Springs, it wasn’t easy, but she did it—and it only took five weeks. She did it by becoming physically active several nights a week. In fact, when she decided last spring that she wanted to lose 100 pounds, she signed up for all the activities that Cedar Springs Area Parks and Rec offered. She did Tae Kwan Do twice weekly for two hours, kickboxing one night, zumba one night, and yoga twice a week. What makes it even more remarkable is that before this, she was not active at all.

“My body did hurt but my motivation was greater,” she said. “And I had the weekend to relax.”

Soon after she started exercising, she noticed a big change. “I didn’t want to sit anymore. I wanted to do things,” she explained. She also started walking and riding her bicycle on the White Pine Trail from Pine Street to Sand Lake with her husband on her off days. “I had a lot more energy,” she explained.

Aurelia also noticed that her appetite had considerably diminished. She now doesn’t eat meat, and eats mostly fruits and vegetables. “No more Hostess or lollipops, and I drink mainly just water, or green tea sometimes,” she explained.

She doesn’t count calories or carbs when she eats. Instead she’s learned to control her portions. “I have a husband and  two boys ages 17 and 19. I can’t afford to cook separately,” she said.

What she does do is eat several smaller meals five or six times a day to keep her metabolism going. Her day might consist of oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast; string cheese for a snack, a salad and bread for lunch, cottage cheese and fruit for another snack, and then whatever they are having for dinner.

Aurelia has some advice for anyone that’s never exercised and wants to lose the weight. “Keep moving. Eventually the diet will come. And don’t ever skip breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day. Try not to indulge at one time. I used to go all day without eating and then eat it all at one time,” she said.

Aurelia signed up again this last week for more classes at Parks and Rec. And it’s not too late for others to join!

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