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Mobile home parks not high crime areas

When people think about crime in the city of Cedar Springs, there are certain neighborhoods that spring to mind as “high crime areas.” But when Cedar Springs Police Chief Roger Parent took a look at the statistics for July 2009, he found something many might find surprising.

“My goal was to see how many calls are related to the two mobile home parks—Cedar Springs Mobil Estates and Northland Estates, and on calls related to our two apartment complexes, Red Flannel Apartments and Meadow Creek Apartments,” explained Chief Parent. None showed crime disproportionate to the number of residents.

They had a total of 273 calls or incidents in July. Fifty-six (20 percent) were at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates; seven (2 percent) were at Northland Estates; and 18 (6 percent) at the two apartment complexes on E. Oak Street.

Cedar Springs Mobile Estates has 216 lots with 190 filled. “Averaging four per household, 760 residents would be very close to 24 percent of our city population, and they had about one-quarter of the calls. That makes sense,” said Parent.

“I also found it interesting that five of the 18 calls at the apartment complexes were fireworks,” noted Parent. Northland Estates had one fireworks complaint while Cedar Springs Mobile Estates had two.

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26 Responses to “Mobile home parks not high crime areas”

  1. Debbie Smith says:

    The Meadow Creek Apartments have went down hill in the past few years. Such a sad thing to see. Used to be family friendly.
    Hope this is under new management.

  2. john says:

    You can make the #s look any way you want.

  3. M.D. says:

    Not against the writer I agree with John. If they are so safe lets see him stay in C.S. Mobile Estates for a couple months with his family. I lived in one of the parks for a while and many times people don’t call crimes in and alot of times the police catch people when they are on patrol through the parks.

  4. james says:

    c.s.mobile estates is an alright trailer park,but it could use a new owner,maitiance,and park managers. they harrass alot of people in the park

  5. Someone who cares says:

    I use to go to the trailer park on 18 mile alot. The people that live there know what goes on there, alot of them don’t say anything because they don’t want the trouble. They just want to live there life in peace and not worrie about others harrasing them. When I went to that park I seen what went on there. When the park manager is not held responcable for hitting 2 kids at diffrent times is wrong, one that I know about for sure she backed up and hit him. I am sorry drivers training 101 says you should always look behind you before you back up. Don’t get me wrong I am far from perfect. One time okay maybe an accedent but twice come on. The park managers responce from what I heard was “well they should not have been there”. She might manage it but that does not give her the right to drive how she wants. How can I say that because I was driving throu the park and at one point she almost T-bones me in my truck! What happened I ended up being band from the park. As far as drugs and other things go thats what boostmoble helps do, One beep and everyone knows when the police are entering the park, now wonder police can’t catch them. My suggestion would be unmarked cars and unknown police officers. Crime will never be 100% gone but with the right managment it can be reduced. Talk to the people who live there set up neighborhood watchs,give the people accentive to join and help out. People say crime does not pay well guess what yes it does at least to the ones that don’t get caught. Kid now a days get in more trouble because they have no where to go and nothing to do. It boils down to the people getting over there I am better then the next guy or what ever it is and start getting along. Parents also need to start paying more attion to there kids, if you cant be home when school gets out find some where for your kids to go a friends or any where the parent knows that they can trust and if a child don’t show know they will get a call saying that little Johnny or Sussie never made it there. If i was watching a friends child and they had one of there friends came over i made sure to have the kid call his mom or dad then i made sure to talk to them so they knew where they where and how to get ahold of me and there child. Why do i say this i have seen many parents looking for there kids not knowing where they are, I have experianced this. All it takes is more people paying attion to whats going on and parents being a little more responcable.

    From someone who really wants things to get better

  6. I have never lived in the Mobile Home Park on 18 mile Rd. I have been in there on a few occasions. I went there to donate alot of bags of clothing (in the office bldg) a couple times and the other couple times for other reasons I wont mention because then the people will know who I am. Anyways, It has always looked like a bad place. Nobody takes care of thier yards or homes. There are trailers that have busted windows now covered with wood pieces, sheets hanging up for curtains, blinds all…

  7. miblue1 says:

    Seems the addys for most of the convicted sex offenders that come to Cedar Springs are at the trailer park on the north side of town.I for one am glad to have moved out of Cedar, high taxes and all the low life hanging around in P.Run subdivision did not make for a family type atmosphere.When you would call the cops to come take a look at possible criems being committed they claimed to not know where our house was at.We were 3 min from the cop shop.LAZY was the only word I had for them.

  8. Cedartucky says:

    “The hoodie park” is what most of use call the 18 mile trailer park. It is way beyond what most would know. Drugs and sex offenders in the same park not to mention everything else. The trailers are usually falling apart with cockroaches.

  9. Cedar-resident says:

    “crimes” committed as the officer states in this article does not equal the amount of “sex offenders” which I consider much more dangerous to the families and children of this community. A stolen car can be replaced. A child’s innocence cannot. Check out the state of MI website under the security tab and there is a sex offender registry. Type in the zip code 49319 and calculate that. The trailer park on the north end of town by the ice cream shop fills up half of it. The other half are trailers out on the “mile roads” and the apartment buildings in Cedar Springs. I don’t let our children out of my sight. Who cares about a broken window, stolen tv, fire works or whatever. The kids are what counts.

  10. baby mama says:

    the hoodie park does not have a high crime rate cause drug user and drug dealers dont call the cops i lived their for a few years i know what goes on in their the manager knows to but she dont care as long as you pay the rent $$$$$ yu wantto rid cedar of all its cock roaches burn it down and move the people like the fabbro’s (aleene)to another state that place will never amount to anything i was one of the smart and not broke lazy people that got the f%$# out

  11. pdizzle says:

    cedar springs is going down hill every kid with there pants on the ground there lookin like a fool with there pants on the ground

  12. HoodyPark Hater says:

    Soo many comments here are soo right. They say the crime rate isn’t high there… but how many people are actually calling the cops ? Look at how many people get pulled over and arrested for drugs, or guns, or other criminal actions… find out where they live… and what do you know… Cedar Springs Mobile Estates?! Not to mention the park manager, and the maintenance man are D I R T Y. Half the people are afraid to call the cops because they have nowhere else to live and they know they will get reprimanded if they do. If you ask me someone should do some SERIOUS private investigating in that park.. then maybe we can talk. It is HORRIBLE.

  13. chevymalibu80 says:

    For those of you who will read this a few things should be known about Cedar Springs Mobile Estates. Management and maintenance are now new. The park is changing and they are making a valiant effort to clean the park up and make it a better place for people to live. I noticed 1 thing people forgot to mention is that the owner has not increased lot rent in the last 6 years to work with the economy and make affordable living for those struggling. Hmm wonder why that hasn’t got mentioned. It doesn’t help management when others don’t come forward to keep those who bring havoc to the park from being there. Remember this you will have crime and sexual offenders everywhere. Thats the world we live in today. Seems people only want to pick on one specific place. Could it be because you couldn’t follow simple common sense rules or been evicted from the park for not paying your rent. Last i knew the worlds not a free society nothing free.
    The new employees have taken it upon themselves to…

  14. Bngsmama says:

    Just so everybody knows also about this park is that every trailor in this park isn’t filled with cockroaches.My husband is one of the maintence man here and I know for a fact that this park is alot more better then it use to be..Yes there are some retarts that still live here but they don’t bother anybody.Also,this park may had a bad rep back then but now there are new people that are living here and we all respect each other for the most part.The park might be a bad place for you but for others it isn’t so bad..This park is alot more cleaned up and 10x’s better then the park on Northland drive.It has cleaned up alot and the maintence and the manager are the best people you could ever talk to.They are new people!

  15. billbob says:

    i know who this maintence person is and belive me he is also very dirty if you seen where he lives its bad the park needs to be checked out by the township for code vi. and you can call the attearny genrals office to come out as well there come out for me and they dont let them know when eather cant wate for that day i think the park will finley close!!!!!

  16. john says:

    c.s.m.e,aint that bad a place,just keep to yourself and nobody is going to mess with you,common sense dictates pay your bills on time rent,water,etc and they dont say nothing now you dont pay your bills you deserve to get evicted,been here about 1and half years and havent had much problems maybe bout trimming around ttrailers but thats a given so if you cant hack being responsible and paying the bills than you need to stay out of the park and loom for a free ride someplace else.

  17. Russ says:

    I lived there for 15 years and I saw it get a lot better. Overall the park is a decent place to live when compared to other parks. What makes it bad is all the low life trash that come in form the city and commit crime. You can’t blame all the crime on the park people when the whole city is low life poor trash. The park is just a smaple of the rest of the trashy city. At least there is rules in the park. Not the city people have trash allo over their yards. The whole city looks like a junk yard.

  18. bngsmama says:

    To BillBob…I am wondering who you are to talk…you live in the same park as we do and if you think this park is so bad then y won’t you move out of it…oh wait i forgot maybe because you are broke…If I know who you are let us know so that my husband doesn’t have to kiss your ass when something breaks at your house…remember that.Unless you are scared to tell me who you are..e-mail me at chevymalibu80@yahoo.com…my husband bust his ass everyday for this park and deal with jack asses like you all the time..if you want this park closed so badly then move the hell out of it!If you don’t like our yard then buy us a damn shed thanks

  19. are you kidding me says:

    to bngsmama
    if your husband works for the park that must mean that he could not get a job any where els and probably has a record. I lived there for along time and grew up and got out because i wanted a real life that was better for my family no head lice, drunks, drugs and sluts. and as far as the owner she does more drugs then any one there thats why the water bills never got payed . trying to tell me that the place is any better well thats a lie i have lived in cedar all my life and still see it all ,(who are you kidding) you don’t speak highly of your self to tell us you would let your husband work there i bet you don’t work at all and thats why you are there! if the park has not raised the rent in 6 years then you should be able to by your own shed!

  20. bngsmama says:

    to are you kidding me?
    Just so you know my husband don’t have a record and never went to jail.And for your information if we had a choice to move out of this park then we would in a heartbeat due to the fact that we are country people.But also just so you know also there isn’t any jobs out there for him that he would enjoy.Also it is kind of hard to find a job now these days.And yes there is going to be drama everywhere..it doesn’t matter where you live.There will always be drugs,head lice and sluts where every you go so welcome to Earth & Life…..

  21. daburrito says:

    Billbob you need to learn to spell. I am not real sure what the end of your post meant, too many words that don’t belong together. Did you get past third grade?

  22. MB says:

    This comment has been removed due to profanity. Strike One.

  23. MB says:

    you know what csme is crap ill tell u that cause everyone is scandelous in that park people lie and try to say it is not ok its going down hill and its not good there cause all people do get into other peoples business and people dont run the park right cause its all candelous in ther so people that talk u know what talk your crap and people that be together and run it ha good luck the r worthless

  24. sadforparkfamilies says:

    I remember going there as a child with our church and reading Bible stories to the kids and singing with them. They had a nice park and pool, but were poor or their families didn’t/couldn’t go to church. God loves them the same way he loves you – Agape…even when, even though… maybe the focus should be on helping instead of judging? Just a suggestion…

  25. HP says:

    For all of you saying that the hoodie park has gotten better..open your freakin eyes!!!! Wow…that park needs to be bull dozed and I would pay to have front row seats!! That is NOT a place to raise kids…they play in the roads for petes sake! No play ground for them to play in…trailors falling apart….yards filled with trash….its disgusting and the township should shut the place down!!! It gives Cedar Springs a bad name!!!!!!

  26. cathy says:

    i feel that cedar springs mobile estates is not that bad of a place to live but realistically people live there because the price of the houses and it is more affordable for those that can’t afford to buy a house or rent a house downtown. they are addding and adding things that is making it not such a great deal. they are making kids go inside there homes before the curfew in town is even inforced and adding cost for those buying houses and making it so that it would be better to just rent a house in town or buy one.




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