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Youth wrestlers win medals

Cedar Springs youth continue to compete well no matter where they go.  At two tournaments held on Sunday February 12, wrestlers brought home a total of 5 awards.  At Central Montcalm first place medal winners were Ronnie Brown and Samuel Couturier.  Aiden Bouwens finished with a third.  At the GVSU tournament, trophy winners were Trevor Marsman and Logan Hull, who took second and Chase Sarniak who took fourth.  Congrats to all the hard working wrestlers.

On February 19, wrestlers travelled to Tri-County to bring home a total of 9 medals. Ryan Ringler and Logan Hull took first. Chase Sarniak, Aiden Bouwens and Maston Wood took second.  Landon Demorest and Samuel Couturier took third. Dillon Weber and Kaleigh Hull took fourth. Congrats to all the hard working wrestlers.


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Youth spread their wings

In spite not practicing for a week due to weather, Cedar Springs Youth wrestlers spread their wings to wrestle all over the state of Michigan on January 22, 2012.  A small group of wrestlers made the treck to Caledonia where they took home a total of six medals.  Placers were Trevor Marsman/1st, Tacho Gonzales/2nd, Logan Hull/1st, Reese Gonzales/2nd, Ryan Ringler/1st, and Jordan Ringler/1st.  Landon Demorest flew south to Allegan where he picked up a first place trophy in the 7/8 40lb division.  Aiden Bouwens flew the opposite direction, to Hart, where he also picked up a first place trophy in the 7/8 67lb division.

Tournament at Big Rapids and Grand Haven

On January 29, Cedar Springs youth wrestlers competed in Big Rapids and Grand Haven. Placing at Big Rapids was Chase Sarniak (1st), Landon Demorest (1st), Maston Wood (1st), and Gavin Byxbe (4th). Placing at Grand Haven was: Sam Couturier (1st), Ronnie Brown (2nd), Trenton Snoeyink (2nd), and Aiden Bouwens (3rd).

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Youth wrestlers place at tournament

Two of the top youth wrestlers from Cedar Springs placed at the Border Wars National Wrestling Tournament held in Battle Creek, MI on Sunday November 13, 2011.  Landon Demmorest took 4th place in the 7/8 year old, 43lb weight class. George Gonzales Jr took 3rd in the 11/12 year old, heavyweight class.  Both boys did quite well against some of the top wrestlers from all over the nation.  If your child is interested in wrestling, Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling club is the place for them.  Sign ups and practices start November 22 in the the Cedar Springs High School Cafeteria.  Sign ups will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-8:00 PM at the High school until early December.  You can get more info at www.cedarspringsyouthwrestling.com.

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DNR approves online snowmobile course for youth

An online snowmobile safety course aimed at youth operators has received the endorsement of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. It is the first online course for snowmobile safety endorsed by the DNR.
Successful completion of the online course would satisfy Michigan’s snowmobile safety education requirement for youth operators. Under Michigan law, snowmobile operators at least 12 years of age, but less than 17, are required to successfully complete an approved safety training program. Youth operators are also required to carry the safety training certificate with them whenever they are operating a snowmobile in Michigan.
The online course, offered by Fresh Air Educators Inc., provides another option for those interested in taking an approved safety course. Traditional in-person classroom courses are still offered throughout Michigan. There is a $29.95 fee to take the online course. More information on the online course can be found at www.snowmobilecourse.com/usa/michigan/. There is also a quick link on the DNR website under Education and Outreach when searching for available Recreational Safety classes in your area.

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Youth wrestlers to compete at regionals

Cedar Springs youth wrestlers visited Allendale on February 27, 2011. Placers in the 5/6 division were Landon Demorest 37lbs/1st, Cody Averill 37lbs/4th, Tacho Gonzales 49lbs/1st, and Maston Wood 58lbs/3rd.  Placers in the 7/8 division Trevor Marsman 52nd/2nd, Jayden Herroon 64lbs/4th, Aiden Bouwens 67lbs/2nd, Anthony Lizardo 67lbs/3rd.  Placers in the 9/10 division were Aaron Smith 71lbs/4th, Ryan Ringler 85lbs/1st and Allexis Gonzales 90lbs/2nd.  Placers in the 11/12 division Jordan Ringler 75lbs/1st, Fred Rutledge 100lbs/4th and George Gonzales Jr. 126lbs/1st.
Don’t miss your last chance to see your favorite wrestler compete locally this Saturday and Sunday, March 12 and 13 at MYWAY Western Regionals being held at Muskegon Orchardview High School.  Wrestling will start at 10:00 a.m. both days. Wrestlers born from 2006-2000 will wrestle on Saturday; while wrestlers born 1999-1994 will wrestle on Sunday.  Competition will continue to the top six in each age group. From there, the top four qualify to compete at the MYWAY State Finals in Battle Creek on March 25, 26 and 27.  Last year eleven Cedar Springs youth wrestlers went to State, they are hoping for the same this year.

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Hometown champions!

youth wrestlersThere is nothing better than being a champion; except of course of being a champion in your own hometown.  That is exactly what Cedar Springs youth wrestlers accomplished at their own tournament hosted at the high school on January 16, 2011.
With over 500 spectators and almost 400 wrestlers in attendance, the Cedar Springs team won the most matches, earning a total of 26 trophy finishes!  Winners in the 5/6 age group were Landon Demorest 1st/37lbs, Cody Averill 4th/37lbs, Tacho Gonzales 1st/49lbs, and Maston Wood 1st/58lbs.  In the 7/8 age group winners were Triston Eldred 4th/46lbs, Trever Marsman 3rd/49lbs, Jacob Wilson 3rd/52lbs, Trentyn Roelofs 3rd/55lbs, Trenton Snoeyink 1st/61lbs, Andrew Miller 4th/61lbs, Aiden Bouwens 3rd/64lbs, and Jayden Herroon 3rd/64lbs.  In the 9/10 age group winners were Logan Hull 1st/63lbs, Reese Gonzales 2nd/67lbs, Michael Korody 2nd/75lbs, Ricky Wood 3rd/75lbs, Ryan Ringler 1st/85lbs, and Allexis Gonzales 1st/90lbs.  In the 11/12 age group winners were Jordan Ringler 1st/75lbs, Tylor Carter 2nd/112lbs, George Gonzales Jr. 2nd/126lbs, Jeremy Wildfong 4th/158lbs, and Connor Goike 3rd/183lbs.  Winners in the 13-15 age group were Keenan Gosselin 3rd/114lbs, Michael Smith 3rd/130lbs and Chuckie Scheidel 2nd/145lbs.
If you happen to see any of these kids around, make sure you congratulate them on their hometown championships.

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Youth wrestlers bring home awards

youth wrestling teamWhile most kids were lazing about, enjoying their holiday break, Cedar Springs Youth wrestlers were working hard to bring home more medals and trophies.  On January 2, MYWAY held two tournaments, the Belding Novice and the Annual Spartan Country. Cedar was well represented at both tournaments, bringing home a total of 16 awards out of a grand total of over 1,100 wrestlers!
In Belding, novice wrestlers Tacho Gonzales at 49lbs, and Maston Wood at 58lbs, both took first in the 5/6 year old age group. In the 7/8 year old age group, first place winners were Trevor Marsman at 49lbs and Trenton Roelofs at 55lbs.  Jacob Wilson earned a second at 52lbs, Jayden Herroon a third at 64lbs, and Logan Williams a fourth at 61lbs.  In the 11/12 year old age group, at 112 lbs was Tylor Carter with a first, and Freddie Rutledge with a third at 95lbs.  The sole winner in the 13-15 year age group was Keenan Gosselin with a first at 114lbs.
The Spartan Country, dubbed the “Super Bowl of Wrestling,” was held in Lansing with over 800 wrestlers from four different states in attendance. Wrestling at 37lbs, Landon Demorest was the only champion from Cedar this year, bringing home a two-and-a-half foot trophy for his first place win in the 5/6 year old age group. In the 9/10 year old group, Logan Hull took fifth at 63lbs and Allexis Gonzales took sixth at 90lbs. In the 11/12 year old group, Jordan Ringler took second at 70lbs as did George Gonzales Jr. at 126lbs. Chuckie Scheidel was the lone placer in the 13-15 year age group with a second place finish at 145lbs.

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