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Cedar Springs WorkCamp now accepting applications for free home repairs

City Impact-Cedar Springs is now accepting applications for free home repairs for those most in need in the Cedar Springs area. City Impact was awarded a WorkCamp by Group Mission Trips (Group) (www.groupmissiontrips.com). The WorkCamp runs from June 27 through July 3. 

WorkCamp completes all manner of home repairs completed, including interior and exterior painting, weatherization, simple roof repairs, mobile home skirting and insulation, stair repairs and handicap ramps. Homes within 30 minutes of Cedar Springs are eligible for this WorkCamp. 

City Impact is leading the effort to bring over 200 campers from across the country to Cedar Springs to complete repairs on over 40 homes. The campers will be lodged at the Cedar Springs Middle School. Group and City Impact expressed thanks for the support and provided by Cedar Springs schools, especially Superintendent Smith, Principal Balding, and Operations Director Ken Simon. 

How can our community support this WorkCamp?

  • Help those in need apply for free home repairs
  • Youth group attendance¬†
  • Financially support the WorkCamp
  • Volunteer for WorkCamp

Applications now are available from City Impact (email: cityimpactcs@gmail.com) and on Facebook (WorkCamp-Cedar Springs). Selection of the homes for WorkCamp will be conducted in early April based on submitted applications. 

A primary responsibility of City Impact is to raise the local funding to pay for the building materials which is no small feat in the current Covid world. 

Donations can be sent to:  City Impact-2021 WorkCamp 288 North Main Street NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319. Ensure that contributions are clearly marked WorkCamp 2021. Also as part of our fundraising there are sponsorship opportunities (please check out our Facebook page). 

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