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Annual cleanup beautifies creek and trail


A cleanup crew with bags of debris they picked up during the Cedar Creek and White Pine Trail cleanup last Saturday. Photo courtesy of Craig Owens.

The Logo for this year created by Lily Fulkerson, a student at Creative Technologies Academy. Photo courtesy of Craig Owens.

The Logo for this year created by Lily Fulkerson, a student at Creative Technologies Academy. Photo courtesy of Craig Owens.

It was a warm, sunshiny day last Saturday, April 26, for the annual Cedar Creek and White Pine Trail Clean up. The event takes place every year in Cedar Springs the Saturday after Earth Day.

About 30-40 people were split into groups and cleaned up assigned areas along Northland Drive, 17 Mile along the creek, Main Street, and other areas. Besides bags of trash being picked up, the e-waste trailer was set up behind City Hall and manned by the Cedar Springs Rotary. The police department also auctioned off bicycles.

Volunteers received a special t-shirt, with the winning logo created by Lily Fulkerson, a 7th grade student at Creative Technologies Academy. She also won the logo contest last  year.


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Fall colors nearing prime

By Judy Reed


Now is the time to take a drive and take in all the beautiful fall colors Michigan has to offer in our area.

Color is filling in fast in our area, and some leaves have already dropped. Trees are expected to peak in the next couple of weeks.

Most of the Upper Peninsula is nearing peak. According to Pure Michigan’s fall color update, this week, traveling I-75 north of St. Ignace, you’ll find brilliant reds, greens and yellows covering a variety of trees. In the northern lower peninsula, The Grand Traverse Bay region is showing brilliant crimson color, especially at the edge of the forests, while sugar maples are starting to glow with reds, oranges and gold. There’s dusky purple in the ash trees and warm gold in the walnuts, while the cottonwood trees near the Sleeping Bear Dunes on the Leelanau Peninsula are turning a bright buttery yellow now, and the honey locusts are a warm gold. Full peak color is still at least a week away in most parts of the Grand Traverse Bay region.

A drive around our community shows an array of bright, beautiful leaves, as shown in the photos on this page. These photos were taken in areas just in townships surrounding Cedar Springs. Take a walk along the White Pine Trail, or a drive through our surrounding townships—Solon, Nelson, Courtland, Oakfield, Spencer, and Algoma—and you are sure to be delighted with the colors in this fall’s fashion show!



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Running the trail

Runners in the White Pine Trail 200 Mile Relay passed through Cedar Springs last weekend. Post photo by L. Allen.

Runners in the White Pine Trail 200 Mile Relay passed through Cedar Springs last weekend. Post photo by L. Allen.

It’s not unusual to see people running the White Pine Trail through Cedar Springs. But last weekend’s runners had a big challenge ahead of them—to compete in a 200 mile relay from Comstock Park to Cadillac and back.

It was the second year for The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail 200 Mile Relay. Thirty-three teams of 6-12 runners each set out at different times during the morning of August 9. The relay included 36 relay “spurs” or legs, each ranging from 2 to 9.5 miles in distance.

Proceeds from this event benefit the Friends of the White Pine Trail and go for trail upkeep.

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Lions plant trees along trail

Photo courtesy of Friends of White Pine Trail.

On April 14 and 17, the Cedar Springs Lions Club planted 400 Red and White Pine seedlings along the White Pine Trail between 16 and 18 Mile Roads. This is the area that the Lions Club maintains. A portion of the trees also went to three locations on the school grounds.

Volunteers that helped plant the trees included Cub Scout Troop 3222 and Boy Scout Troop 222. “They did a great job,” said Lions Club member Jerry VanderWal.

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11th annual New Year’s Resolution Walk

The Friends of the White Pine Trail are planning their 11th annual New Year’s Resolution walk this Sunday, January 1, 2012. While it now has a new name (the board decided to rename the walk the “Fred Meijer New Year’s Day Resolution Walk” to honor Fred Meijer), most of the details are similar to year’s past.
Meet at the Rotary Pavilion in the beautiful downtown Rockford at 10 a.m. on New Year’s Day. There will be a quick gathering in front of the pavilion for a few quick comments and pictures, and then it’s off to the trail to walk north to Twelve Mile Road (or whatever distance suits you best) and back.
The Friends will be serving refreshments upon your return in the pavilion. The pavilion is a good place to meet friends and get acquainted with other trail users.
Everyone is welcome!  Being a member of the “Friends” is not a requirement.
Dave Heyboer said they enjoy seeing a lot of people that have been brought out by their dogs for a great time. (Well behaved pets are welcome! )
If there is snow, the trail will be plowed but they will not be putting salt or sand on the trail, so be careful if there is a chance of ice.
If possible, please send an email to sheeepdog@msn.com so they will have a rough idea of how many people are likely to attend.
As a reminder to winter trail users, they will be plowing the trail from around the Fifth Third ball park in Comstock Park to the Russell Road Staging area this winter. This is done with the help of the City Rockford, who does the area from Rockford to Russell Road. “If you are on the trail when we come through plowing, please step off to the side of trail beyond the normally plowed area,” said Heyboer. “We are required to plow only 5-6 feet, leaving the other portion of the trail for cross-country skiing. We do not want to endanger someone out there and we must move swiftly to do the proper plowing.”
“If you encounter problems on the trail please let us know as soon as possible so we can address the problem,” he added. “Too many times we do not hear about issues as soon as they happen and we can only deal with that which we know about.”

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Indecent exposure on White Pine Trail

Kent County Sheriff deputies are looking for a man who exposed himself to three females on the White Pine Trail in Plainfield Township.

According to police, the three females were on the trail on Monday, August 1, from Childsdale and House and south to Belmont Avenue, when the suspect approached them about 9:30 a.m. and exposed himself.

The suspect is described as a white male, 17-21 years old, skinny, with black, short, spiky hair and wearing black spandex shorts.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Kent County Sheriff’s Department at (616) 632-6125 or Silent Observer at (616) 774-2345.

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Drug dealer robbed

Allan McKay

An 18-year-old Cedar Springs man was robbed Wednesday evening when he met four other teens on the White Pine Trail to complete a drug deal.
Officer Paul Feutz responded to a call of an armed robbery that occurred Friday night, April 13 at 9:25 p.m. Little did he know at that time that he would eventually charge those involved in addition to arresting the victim who reported the crime.
The 18 year old victim, Allan McKay, first reported that a group of men assaulted him with boards and bottles while on the White Pine Trail behind Vanderhyde Ford. Officer Feutz did not see signs of an assault and there was no need for medical assistance. The victim told the officer that they took $120.00 dollars from him. The victim knew some of the young men by first

Cordeil Boyce-Burden

name only.

At first those interviewed denied even being on the trail. Follow-up interviews resulted in Officer Feutz getting to the truth, with the group admitting they set up McKay to come deliver drugs, with the intention of stealing his marijuana. Those involved admitted they swung at McKay, acting like they wanted to hit him, and then chased him on the trail until he fell into the brush filled ditch. He then gave up his marijuana to avoid being harmed.
Allan McKay eventually admitted that this was in fact what took place. He was mad and called the police. Unfortunately for him, he was living with a female friend who had filed a police report against him. In that case a “Bond

Austin Mosher

Conditional Release” was issued, ordering that he have no contact with this victim. Officer Feutz arrested and lodged him in jail.

The robbery investigation was reviewed by the Prosecutor’s Office and resulted in charging three young men, ages 17, 18 and 19, and one juvenile, age 15, with a 10 year felony, “larceny from a person.” All of the suspects involved live in the City of Cedar Springs.
Arrested were Cordeil Lea Boyce-Burden, 18, Austin Lee Mosher, 19, and Brandon Clay Bates, 17. Boyce-Burden and Mosher were arraigned in 63rd District Court Monday. They were given a preliminary hearing date of May 3 at 3:30 p.m., and bond was set at $5,000 cash/surety. Bates was set to appear

Brandon Bates

in court Wednesday.

Allan McKay was brought before the judge and was given a $300.00 cash bond for violating his “Bond Conditional Release” order. According to Chief Parent, he was not charged with a drug-related offense because no evidence of the drug was found, and he was already headed to court on three other unrelated charges.

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New Year’s walk a winner

Over 300 people enjoyed the New Year’s Resolution Walk on the White Pine Trail on New Year’s Day. Photo courtesy of the Friends of the White Pine Trail

The 10th annual White Pine Trail New Year’s Resolution Walk on January 1 was an overwhelming success, according to Dave Heyboer, chairman of the Friends of the White Pine Trail.
“We had our biggest turnout ever, with 325 participants and 21 dogs!” remarked Heyboer. He said that it was more people than they had anticipated.
The group met at the Rotary Pavilion in Rockford, and trekked north on the trail to 13 Mile Road about 10 a.m. and then headed back, where they enjoyed hot dogs, snacks and hot coffee.
Although the forecasts for the day were less than stellar, Heyboer said the weather was great for the event. “I was concerned the weather and trail conditions would be lousy, but at 10 am when we gathered for the picture and the group start, we had blue sky and about 45 degrees,” he commented.
Heyboer is grateful to those who made the event a success, and also thanked those who participated. He also had a message for those that didn’t make it. “If you missed it, you really missed it! Plan on being there next year!” he said.

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Cleaning up our act

By Alixann Spaulding and Judy Reed

When you ask a teen to clean up their room, you can count on a groan, and sometimes an outright no. But when the seventh graders at Cedar Springs Middle School were asked to help clean up the White Pine Trail last week, it was met with eager anticipation.

Photo by Alixann Spaulding

“We love the environment, and we’re really happy to get the chance to help!” said student Briana Blair.

Dave Heyboer, President of the Friends of the White Pine Trail, is not surprised. “I see a huge buy-in on the part of the kids,” he said. “They feel like they have some ownership in it.”

Every May the seventh grade students of Cedar Springs Middle School clean litter off of the trail, whether the sun is shining or not. Mrs. Blauw, Mr. Fleming, Mr. Martin, and Mrs. Metiva were the teachers leading the expedition this year. A drizzly morning on Friday did not halt the students, teachers, and volunteer parents from walking from the middle school (at the corner of Northland Drive and 16 Mile) up to 17 Mile. Once there they split up the classes, with two classes going south and two going north.

Before leaving the school, Heyboer spoke to the kids about the trail, and about what to do and what not to do while picking up trash. The students put on rubber gloves and grabbed garbage bags before heading out.

After they had cleaned the trail, for over a mile in either direction from 17 Mile Road, they went back toward the school and they also cleaned up Skinner Field.

Photo by Alixann Spaulding

Heyboer is glad for all the help the community has given recently to keep the trail clean. “Since the state has no one cleaning it, everyone we can get out on the trail to help makes it a better experience for everyone,” he explained.

Heyboer noted some improvements will be coming to the trail soon. “We are anticipating paving from Cadillac south to LeRoy, about 17 miles. That’s a big step forward,” he said.

Also coming in the near future will be a covered picnic table on the trail between Indian Lakes and 16 Mile Rd.

Thanks to all the seventh graders for a job well done!

For more info about the trail, visit www.whitepinetrail.com.

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More paving of the White Pine Trail

From Friends of the White Pine Trail

N-More-paving-White-Pine-TrThursday, August 7, was a milestone day for the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail. That was the day that Dave Heyboer, Chairman of Friends of the White Pine Trail picked up a check for $502,240.00 from the Meijer Foundation and delivered it to Ron Olson of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) in Lansing. This check will start the next phase of trail paving with the ultimate goal of paving the trail in its entirety.

The Meijer money along with a Federal grant from the transportation bill for $2,240,000 will be used to completely engineer the remaining unpaved portions of the trail in preparation for paving. It will also fund the paving of a significant section of the trail starting at Cadillac and proceeding south. Further paving will take place as funds become available. Since the engineering will already be completed, future paving will be able take place without delay once funds are obtained.

The engineering will begin immediately and the paving will start in late spring or early summer next year.

There will be having a formal ceremony to launch the project on September 11, 2009 in Cadillac. It will take place at 11:00 a.m. in the morning. We will be inviting all legislators whose districts adjoin the trail as well as many other officials and community leaders.  Please attend this event if you can. We will let you know the location as soon as the details are firmed up. Right now it is scheduled to take place at the staging area, near the trail head, on the south side of Cadillac.

We still have money left from the one million dollars that Fred Meijer has pledged. It will be used to match additional funds as they come available.  This is not enough to complete the trail so we will be starting a campaign to raise additional money to keep the paving going until it is completed.

Southern section White Pine Trail work day

There will be a trail maintenance work day this Saturday, August 15 at 8:45 a.m., Rockford parking lot just north of the Wolverine Shoe Store (235 N. Main St. Rockford, MI).

We are planning on doing some site preparation for picnic tables that will be installed just south of House Street and south of Indian Lakes Rd. We will also be doing a little trimming, erosion control, etc. We can provide some tools, shovels, saws, loppers etc. Bring some of your own if you can. All volunteers welcome, no experience necessary!

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