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How habits of mind make a difference

Morgan Nauta, a fifth grader at Cedar View Elementary, wanted to do something very special on her eleventh birthday. Morgan was turning eleven on 11/11/11. She used two Habits of Mind to develop her plan. She deeply understands how to treat others with respect and how to be creative, imaginative and innovative.
She decided to help the Veterans of the area by asking for donations for the gift shop opening soon at the Veterans’ Home in Grand Rapids. Morgan’s idea allowed her to gather eleven large rubber tubs (rather large ones) of goodies to donate to the cause.
Morgan had a special connection to the Veterans’ Home because both of her great grandfathers lived there at one point in their lives. Morgan, along with family members, delivered the tubs to the Veterans’ Home on November 21. The administration gave Morgan a beautiful plaque made to honor her efforts.
“I felt very happy to share all of the gifts with the Veterans’ Home. It was my best birthday ever. I think it better to give than receive,” said Morgan.
“It is really good to know Cedar View has such wonderful students who truly care about others,” remarked Mr. Mike Duffy, the school principal.

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